What are some places worth visiting around Changbai Mountain?

Besides the Changbai Mountain Scenic Area, there are two towns and their surrounding towns that serve as tourist hubs, each with their own characteristics.

Erdao Baihe Town

Erdao Baihe Town is a distribution center at the entrance of the northern slope of Changbai Mountain. Due to early tourism development, a large-scale tourism experience has been formed here. Although the town is small, the vegetation coverage is high and the environment is beautiful. Besides various hotels, there are also many parks. The whole town is like a natural oxygen bar with fresh air and a summer resort. Of particular note is the unique dual-ring slow travel system in Baihe Town, which is paved with materials characteristic of Changbai Mountain, including wooden boards, basalt slabs, plastics, weathered yellow sand, and red volcanic slag. Riding or walking around the town, you can enjoy a rare slow-paced life.

Wanda Changbai Mountain International Resort Area

The Wanda Resort is located at the foot of the western slope of Changbai Mountain. Although it is a new resort town, it is more suitable for young people to live in. There are many entertainment venues such as theme parks, international top-level performances, movie parks, water parks, ocean parks, golf courses, ski resorts, and snow resorts, which make people feel that they won't get tired even if they stay for a week! It is an ideal place for summer vacation, close to nature, free from smog, and can also serve as a transit rest station for various scenic spots in Changbai Mountain, which is very convenient.

Changbai Mountain hot springs

Changbai Mountain region has abundant geothermal resources, so hot springs are also a major feature of Changbai Mountain tourism.

Swan Lake Scenic Spot

Wangtian'e Scenic Area is located in Shiwudao Gou, Changbai County. Here, there are abundant ancient trees, beautiful flowers and plants, as well as rugged rocks, making it the second highest peak in the Northeast region. Wangtian'e Mountain is a huge eruption and overflow of basaltic volcanic cone, and a huge broken volcano. The volcanic relics and landscapes formed by the broken volcano in the gorge are very unique. After visiting Changbai Mountain, it is also worth a visit here.

Dew River International Hunting Ground

The Lushui River International Hunting Grounds offers hunting in an enclosed area where one can truly experience the thrill of hunting with a gun and the freedom of being a hunting aristocrat, making one's blood boil. Even first-time hunters will not leave empty-handed as they can follow the guide and choose a small rabbit as their prey. Here, one can fully appreciate the fun of hunting in the primitive forest. Besides hunting, the scenery here is also beautiful.
China's first Korean village, Hongqi Village, is located in an open mountainous area, surrounded by mountains and water. Each unique village has formed a unique ethnic architectural style. Along both sides of the stream, you can experience the traditional rural atmosphere of the Korean ethnic group. Inside a Korean ethnic house, everyone sits on the floor and chats happily, creating a warm atmosphere. You can also taste authentic Korean kimchi, pastries, barbecue, and other delicacies.

Changbai Mountain Canyon Drifting

Riding the wind and waves, crossing the Long White Mountain valley, enjoying the scenery along the way, with rapids and calm, jungle cliffs, fragrant wildflowers, and trees forming a canopy. You can breathe in the fresh air and say goodbye to the noise of the city in a green, healthy, primitive, and natural environment. There are many types of rafting in Changbai Mountain, and you can choose the first rafting of Songhua River in Chixi District, where the river flows down from Changbai Mountain Tianchi. The water is clear and sweet without pollution, and the flow is slow, suitable for people of all ages. Fortunately, you can also see wild mandarin ducks and ducks on the water surface. Going rafting in Changbai Mountain is a good choice.