Where is a good place for self-driving trips in China on the weekend? Recommended 6 major lake circuit routes

If the Sichuan-Tibet Highway is a breathtaking and beautiful self-driving route, then the scenic lake highway is a work of art. Among the six most beautiful scenic lake highways in China, each one reaches a new level of beauty! How many have you driven on?

Erhai Lake in Yunnan

Artistic self-driving route. The road around Erhai Lake, following closely along the lake, winding along the lake's eyelashes, offering a view of the lake's colorful waves, and some authentic Bai ethnic villages. Though the whole journey is less than 120 kilometers, the beautiful scenery along the way, with clear blue skies, white clouds, embraced by the Cangshan Mountain, and gentle breezes, will surely immerse you in a delightful sense of being in nature.

Fuxian Lake

Half mountains, half water. Compared to the Erhai Lake Ring Road, there are no crowds of tourists here, nor the trace of tour groups. The air carries a hint of gentle tranquility, simplicity and leisure. Fuxian Lake has a hundred miles of lake views, just like Dongting Lake, and even more primitive and rustic natural scenery than West Lake in Hangzhou. Take a leisurely self-driving or cycling trip along the Ring Road, and experience the rich and authentic fishing village atmosphere on both sides.

Qiandao Lake

The lake with the most islands in the world, with 1,078 green islands inside. It not only has beautiful scenery comparable to Guilin, but also has the vast momentum of Taihu and Dongting Lake. The beauty of the Qianfen Ring Road around Qiandao Lake is no less than the Ring Road in Denmark, and it is also known as the "Santorini of China". Driving to Qiandao Lake, your eyes will first be infected by the green color, and then your heart will be intoxicated by the water. Then you will be surprised by the dense vegetation on the islands. This is a natural forest oxygen bar.

Taihu Lake

The setting sun is infinitely beautiful, and the night becomes crazier. Taihu Lake is one of China's five major freshwater lakes, with islands scattered throughout, displaying a picturesque scene. It is also a beautiful and fertile land known as the "Taihu Lake, eight hundred miles, endless fish and shrimp". The lake is not deep but vast, the mountains are not high but elegant, showcasing a natural beauty that effortlessly captivates people's hearts. Along the way, you will come across ancient towns in the Jiangnan region.

Qinghai Lake

The initial dream of cycling and self-driving enthusiasts. Self-driving tour along the Qinghai Lake Highway, with diverse and stunning scenery. Start the self-driving tour around Qinghai Lake from Heima River. Admire the boundless Heima River grassland. Witness the beautiful sunrise by the Heima River lake. Encounter the "heavenly realm" of Chaka Salt Lake.

Lake Saiful Muluk

I don't want to leave. The beautiful Lakeside Road, with a length of 30 kilometers from east to west and a width of 25 kilometers from north to south, covers an area of ​​453 square kilometers. It is a crazy chase for self-driving enthusiasts and cycling enthusiasts. This road from Urumqi to Yili passes through the southern bank of Sayram Lake. In ancient times, this was the northern route of the Silk Road. Whether it is the sound of horseshoes or the roar of engines, it gives people a feeling of freedom and enjoyment.