How to have fun with a self-driving trip to Changbai Mountain for summer vacation?

International renowned rating agency has selected China's top ten summer resorts, and Changbai Mountain ranks fifth. However, upon closer inspection, it can be found that Changbai Mountain is not only the coolest among the top ten summer resorts, with an average temperature of only 12-21 degrees Celsius in July and August, but it is also one of the only four destinations with a stunning index of 10 out of 10. It can be said that it combines coolness and beautiful scenery. It is time to plan your own self-driving summer vacation!

Changbai Mountain Tianchi

Both the west slope and the north slope routes offer views of Tianchi, but the west slope has a better view. Tianchi is known for its extremely clear water and has been considered a habitat for dragons and a paradise on earth since ancient times. The climate above Tianchi is changeable, with wind, clouds, rain, hail, fog, and snow appearing one after another in a single day. Sometimes it can be cloudy for several days, but other times it suddenly clears up, offering a fortunate opportunity to see the true appearance of Tianchi. Midsummer is the best time to observe Tianchi, as there are relatively fewer clouds and mist, increasing the chances of catching a glimpse of its true beauty.

Changbai Mountain

In English: In summer, when you come to Changbai Mountain and hike up from the foot of the mountain, you can see the scenery of three seasons: summer, spring, and winter. There is lush and dense green vegetation, colorful flower seas in the valleys, and the snow-capped peak of Baihetou Mountain. It will definitely be a feast for the eyes. Not to mention the ever-changing Tianchi, which is like a capricious girl. Some people come here with high expectations but end up disappointed, while others who successfully catch a glimpse of its true beauty are extremely satisfied. Perhaps this is the feeling of love!

Beautiful Lady Pine Park

High-oxygen cycling: Rent a bike and ride in areas with high altitude, high forest coverage, and high oxygen content to purify the body and mind.

Wanda Vacation Resort

Legend has it that every cubic centimeter of air in the forest contains 30,000 negative ions, which is 600 times more than an ordinary home. Negative ions can directly act on the central nervous system, increase endorphin levels, making people feel relaxed and energized.