Recommended hotels for family vacations near Guangdong

Here are some hotels in Guangdong Province that are perfect for family trips! Each hotel has its unique features that both kids and parents will love!

Chimelong Penguin Hotel in Zhuhai

It is called the "world's largest penguin-themed hotel", with its biggest feature being penguin-shaped decorations everywhere, and a restaurant where guests can dine with penguins. The hotel is also conveniently located next to the entrance of Chimelong Ocean Kingdom for easy access to a more enjoyable stay.

River Source Bavarian Spa Hotel

It is a comprehensive hotel that opened at the end of 2014. On one side, there are colorful windmills, like being in a foreign country; on the other side, it is the world's first five-star hotel that perfectly replicates the traditional Hakka roundhouse! From any angle, it is as beautiful as a landscape painting. Uniquely designed family rooms, panoramic theater shows - "Family Source", Happy Farm, Four Seasons Dry Snow Ski Resort, and the country's most challenging sports park... are all great reasons to take children to this hotel.

Guangzhou Huadu Jiulonghu Princess Hotel

Super like a European town, not only has a five-star resort hotel-the Princess Hotel of Jiulong Lake, but also has a Princess Town street to visit. Children must love it; those who love art can also go to the Russian Art Gallery to gain some enlightenment! Many people who love European life can come here to enjoy a European vacation life on weekends. Friends who love photography come here for a visit, staying in Jiulong Lake European Town will have a unique flavor. If you don't want to stay, the tour is free of charge!

Club Med in Guilin

As a globally renowned all-inclusive resort, Club Med has three locations in China: Guilin, Yabuli, and Dong'ao Island. Here, parents can bring their children to taste various cuisines from around the world. There are exclusive children's activities in different baby clubs, filling the day with a variety of entertaining and exploratory activities, full of laughter.

Panyu Chimelong Hotel

Chimelong Hotel is located in the central area of Chimelong Tourist Resort, adjacent to Chimelong Paradise, Chimelong Water Park, Chimelong International Circus, and Chimelong Safari Park, which are world-class theme parks. Guests of the hotel can enjoy five major theme parks as soon as they enter. They can experience global fun. In the hotel lobby, there are free shuttle buses every 5-10 minutes, as well as VIP channels! Bring your children here during the holidays, and have a crazy fun time at four major theme parks. It's enjoyable and convenient, even adults are having a blast!

Huizhou Global Migratory Bird Resort Hotel

This hotel is located in a migratory bird habitat. From April to July each year, migratory birds come here to rest and breed. In the morning or evening, you can see their beautiful dances and the spectacular scene of circling and flying over the tranquil lake. Children can find the best way to connect with nature here, and parents can enjoy the most comfortable stay.

Shenzhen Entegra Motorhome Hotel

The RV hotel is located on the mountain, with good air quality and vehicle-themed, which is popular among boys.

Shenzhen Black Forest Hotel

Located in Yantian District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, Dapeng Peninsula offers a refreshing forest-themed atmosphere. Amazing!

Guangzhou Atlant Hotel for Families

Atlantis Family Hotel has a total area of 21,000 square meters. The overall design features ancient Atlantis Kingdom's marine elements, with various sea creature and fairy tale-themed decorations both inside and outside. Guests will feel as if they have entered a real dreamy fairy tale world. The hotel currently has 200 cartoon-style and British-style family rooms, with themed rooms such as prince rooms, princess rooms, and children's group rooms, all filled with a magical atmosphere.

Zhuhai Chimelong Hengqin Bay Hotel

Chimelong Hengqin Bay Hotel is the largest ocean-themed hotel in China. It offers luxurious buffet, ocean-themed decorations, and a wide range of entertainment facilities for a family trip. Outside the hotel, you can also enjoy the beautiful garden landscape, dolphin pool, outdoor swimming pool, artificial beach, indoor water park, and the stunning sea view.

Hong Kong Disneyland Hollywood Hotel

Hong Kong Disneyland Hollywood Hotel is themed after Mickey Mouse and is very close to Disneyland. The hotel is decorated with Mickey Mouse decorations from the 20th century, creating a unique "Disney Decorator" design style. This is the biggest difference from other hotels. The rooms are themed after Disney, and various items in the room are printed with the Disney logo, filled with Disney elements. The beds are extra large, fully accommodating a family of four.