6 recommended places for water-driving self-tour on the islands within Guangdong Province

What are some good places to go for a summer self-driving tour in Guangdong Province? Here are 6 recommended routes.

Dong'ao Island - Exclusive Luxury Vacation on a Small Island

Compared to other famous island tourist destinations in the province, Dong'ao Island, located in the central part of Wanshan Islands in the Wanshan Marine Development Experimental Zone in Zhuhai City, is relatively small in size and has limited number of visitors. However, it offers a rare luxury island resort experience. The beautiful scenery of Dong'ao Island has earned it a spot in the "Top 10 Attractions in Zhuhai" and it is considered the premier natural scenic spot, often referred to as the "classic island" of Zhuhai's numerous islands. The beaches are the main attraction on Dong'ao Island, with three beaches: Nansha Bay, Dazhu Bay, and Xiaozhu Bay. Among them, Nansha Bay is especially renowned for its "diamond beach," which is rarely seen in the Zhuhai area or nearby islands.

Chimelong Water Park - Water party with warm water blessing

Although it is not uncommon for the highest temperature in April to exceed 30 degrees Celsius, it is still spring, so there may be fluctuations in temperature. However, there is no need to worry. The newly opened Chimelong Water Park in Guangzhou has invested heavily in a constant water temperature and heating system, using leading global technology to achieve a constant temperature throughout the park all day. According to weather conditions, the water temperature on the slides throughout the park can reach 33 degrees Celsius, while the ten hot water massage pools provide warm water at 38-40 degrees Celsius. The park is also equipped with five hot sauna houses, ensuring a great water play experience for visitors. In addition, this year, there are new water play equipment that is the first of its kind globally, as well as the international upgrade of the "Chimelong Water Electronic Music Party" by the Winter Olympics "Beijing 8 Minutes" team.

Jiangmen Chuan Island - Clear water, fine sand, perfect for surfing

Chuandao, also known as Chuan Island, in Jianshantai of Jiangmen, is the third largest archipelago in China. The beaches on the two main islands, Shangchuan Island and Xiachuan Island, have different styles: fine white sand, clear water, and spacious and gentle beaches. They are especially suitable for playing in the waves. Shangchuan Island's Feisha Beach has fine white sand, clear water, and wide, gentle beaches, with plenty of but not big waves. Jinsha Beach and Yinsha Beach have not been developed yet and still retain their original and rustic beauty with fewer tourists, revealing a unique charm.

Yangjiang Hailing Island - Ranked as one of the top ten most beautiful islands

Located on Hailing Island in Yangjiang City, it has been selected as one of the ten most beautiful islands in China and is a 5A scenic area. The bathing season here lasts for 8 months, with water activities starting as early as April, attracting countless tourists. Along the long coastline, there are 12 natural beaches with different scenery, featuring wide sandy beaches, clear water, and gentle waves. Maowei Island has a winding coastline, surrounded by the sea on three sides. With moderate water depth, gentle seabed, and excellent sand quality, it is the westernmost corner of Hailing Island and the best place to watch the sunset. Dahewei Bay is the most famous attraction on Hailing Island, offering a beach area where both adults and children can enjoy themselves.

Zhanjiang Donghai Island - China's longest and cleanest beach

Donghai Island in Zhanjiang, located in the eastern part of the island, is a tourist resort and one of the "Zhanjiang New Eight Scenic Spots". Donghai Island in Zhanjiang is a flat and open sea island, with Longhai Tiansha Beach stretching 28 kilometers long and 150-300 meters wide, which is the longest beach in China and the second longest in the world. The beach has clean seawater and fine sand without mud, and its softness can rival Beidaihe and Pattaya. The Longhai Tiansha Beach, comparable to the Gold Coast, offers a wide panoramic view and is suitable for watching the cycle of the sun in tranquility. On the spectacular beach, you can enjoy various recreational activities such as light aircraft, motorboats, skydiving, and beach buggies, or surf in the sea to your heart's content.

Maoming Fangji Island - Natural and Pure Sea View

Different from those bustling islands, Maoming Fangji Island, with its pleasant climate, boasts a 5.3-kilometer private coastal resort perfect for maritime recreational activities. The beach is clean, the sea is crystal clear, and the natural beauty of the seaside scenery makes it a favorite destination for tourists and diving enthusiasts. On the north side of Fangji Island, the harbor is like a crescent moon, with a gentle slope, white sand, and gentle waves, making it a rare natural bathing beach. The maritime recreational activities include high-quality diving, night diving around the island on a jet ski, leisure motorcycle riding, beach volleyball, and more. The island is rich in vegetation, inhabited by seabirds, and has clear springs. If you're lucky, you may even spot wild animals such as deer, goats, and peacocks. The attractions such as the Tianhou Temple, Wishing Tree, Wild Pineapple Park, Chicken Head Phoenix, and Flying Stone highlight the natural characteristics of Fangji Island's pristine ecology.