They should be popular! Guangzhou has six beautiful and untouched ecologically pristine islands with breathtaking views that are akin to a private collection of God's beauty

Tired of crowded public beaches and making dumplings, why not go on a vacation to the hidden treasure islands near Guangzhou? They offer excellent snorkeling spots that rival those in Xianbenna, clean beaches that are no less impressive than those in Sanya, and even secluded islands for stargazing and camping in pristine natural surroundings.

Dawan Mountain Island

The number of tourists exposed by "A Bite of China" is not many, with the population mainly consisting of fishermen, not exceeding a thousand people. Compared to here, it is more peaceful, leisurely, and with a more intact ecological protection, without being overly commercialized. What people most want to pick in Dawanshan Island is the hidden luxury internet-famous hotel "Jingyun Villa", where you can also get the Bali-style infinity pool!

Da La Jia Island

Guangdong Xiaoma Dai, experience primitive camping. If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle and experience a truly primitive beach vacation, then go camping on Dalajia Island! Set up a tent, have a barbecue around the bonfire, feel the sea breeze, and quietly listen to the sound of the waves!

Wo Ling Ding Island

It is a hidden island with a view of Hong Kong. The island has clear blue waters, fine sandy beaches, and offers a view of the Hong Kong cityscape. Aside from the beaches, what makes the island unique are the rocks along the coastline. Get up close to the sea from these rocks, and enjoy the mesmerizing blue water. Capture some amazing pictures to dominate your social media feed!

Xiaoxing Shan Island

The snorkeling experience here rivals that of the Maldives. When you arrive at Xiaoxing Mountain, you will be amazed by its pristine glass sea. Seeing the azure ocean, you can't wait to put on your gear and dive in for snorkeling!

Miaowan Island

Hidden in the mysterious "Glass Sea" islands, among the numerous treasure islands at the mouth of the Pearl River, Miaowan Island is the farthest island from the mainland coast. Because of its remoteness, the ecological environment here is excellent! A visit to Miaowan Island definitely includes snorkeling comparable to the Maldives. The weather is perfect for snorkeling when it's sunny, and there is a diving base on Miaowan Island where you can dive to your heart's content!

Blackhead extraction

A stretch of reef several kilometers long, known as "Skyland," Yangwu Village Beach is also known as Heipaijiao Beach, with layers of black rocks and huge white foam waves splashing from the impact of seawater on large rocks, as well as continuous layers of fish-patterned waves, beautiful and spectacular.