Xishuangbanna|Great place for eating specialty fish hotpot

When you come to Xishuangbanna, there are countless types of delicious food, and one of the absolute must-try dishes is the specialty fish hot pot, which is not only delicious but also healthy.

Dai-style wooden bucket fish

The refreshing taste of barrel fish locks in the moisture of the fish with hot stones.

Fish and frog fall in love

The fish and frog meat are silky and tender, and the portion is generous.

Wild mushroom ecological stone pot fish

Yunnan produces mushrooms and adds them to fish, which can be described in one word: "fresh".

Gaozhuang specialty seafood steamed stone pot fish flagship store

Featured Steamed Stone Pot Fish is a unique restaurant in Gaoguang, where the waiters help cook the fish. After the pot is opened, the fish soup is pure white and thick with a milky flavor. The steamed fish skin is rich in collagen and paired with Shandong-style steamed buns, making it incredibly delicious.