Harbin Central Street, eating from the beginning to the end

Central Street, as the main commercial street in Harbin, certainly has delicious food. However, adhering to the principle of eating well, having fun, and spending the least amount of money, I will definitely try to spend the least amount of money on the most unique and characteristic food and take care of both my stomach and my wallet.

Hua Mei Western Restaurant

Huamei Western Restaurant is a representative of Harbin Russian-style Western cuisine, an authentic century-old restaurant. It operates on three floors, with interior decoration in the style of Russian architecture. Each floor has a different style, especially the European-style hall on the second floor, which is very distinctive.

Kaifeng Soup Dumpling Shop

The dumplings at this place have thin skin, big filling, and plenty of broth. When you take a bite, your mouth will be filled with oil and a lingering fragrance. However, there is a technique to eating dumplings. If you bite directly, the broth inside will scald your tongue. The correct way is to take a small bite at the edge of the dumpling, slowly sip the broth, and then eat the filling.

Ramen with a gentle breeze

This is a Japanese-style casual noodle restaurant. The interior of the restaurant is elegant with atmospheric lighting. Most of the tableware, such as bowls and spoons, are made of wood, which is unique. The portion size of the dishes is small, and the flavors are light, but each dish is made with precision and attention to the quality of ingredients, resulting in delicious flavors.

Hong Zhuo Sichuan Flavored Restaurant

An authentic Sichuan restaurant. Specialties of this restaurant include Chuanbei liangfen (cool noodles) and Fuqi feipian (spicy beef and tripe). The dishes here are generous in portion size and have strong flavors. One dish with two bowls of rice is enough for two people.

Big red plum

Halal restaurant with a long history in Harbin, small space, unique dishes. Get together with a few friends, order a few dishes, share a plate, a few bottles of beer, chat and enjoy a drink.

South Korean-style snacks from Nan Yu Dynasty

The most distinctive feature of this restaurant is grilled meat. They also have many dishes that can be fried, including meat, vegetables, and seafood. Their spicy and sweet pickled fish fillets and dried tofu slices are also delicious, refreshing, and a good complement to greasy meals.