Appreciate the most beautiful church in Harbin

Harbin in winter with snow has a unique charm. The dark green dome and dark red walls of the churches in the city become more exquisite and elegant amidst the falling snowflakes. Harbin has churches of various religions, including Christian, Catholic, Orthodox, and Islamic. Let's take a look together!

The red outer walls, unique onion-shaped roofs, and Baroque-style towers are very distinctive.
St. Sophia Cathedral was built in 1907 and is currently one of the best-preserved Byzantine-style buildings in China. It was renamed as "Harbin Architectural Art Gallery" in 1997, but both locals and tourists prefer to call it "St. Sophia Cathedral".
The German Lutheran Church in Harbin is a church built by German immigrants in Harbin, China. It was also one of the largest immigrant churches in Harbin. The church emphasizes its height with pointed arches and sloping roofs, while the dark red thick walls and emerald green roofs create a sharp color contrast.
St. Iver Church is located in Dao Li District, Harbin. It was originally a military Orthodox church of the Far Eastern Amur Military District of the Russian Empire. The church is dedicated to the icon of the Holy Mother Iver.
St. Sophia Cathedral is the only restored Orthodox church in Harbin, originally built in 1902 as a stone prayer hall. It was mainly populated by Ukrainians, hence its nickname "Ukrainian Church."
Tatar Mosque is one of the ancient mosques in Harbin, also known as the Turkish Mosque. The style of Tatar Mosque is influenced by Byzantine and Arab traditional culture, exuding a solemn and peaceful religious atmosphere. It is a must-visit place for friends who love religious architecture.

Hulan Catholic Church

The Harbin Catholic Church of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception, also known as the Harbin Cathedral, was built in the 34th year of the Guangxu Emperor of the Qing Dynasty (1908). It is a French-style church with twin towers, reaching a height of 35 meters. Constructed with green bricks and tiled wood structure, it showcases a strong European architectural style. Its appearance bears resemblance to the Notre-Dame de Paris.
The Church of the Dormition, also known as the Uspenski Cathedral, is an Orthodox church built in 1908 for the worship of the deceased. It is built in the Russian architectural style with brick and wood structure.
Modern church, interior is very grand, architecture is more European-style, suitable for photography.