Travel Guide to 8 Museums in Harbin! How many have you visited?

Harbin is a relatively young city with limited historical records. Museums serve as excellent witnesses to the city's history and development. The author has visited 30 museums in Harbin, taking you on a deeper understanding of the city.

Jinshangjing Historical Museum is currently the only museum in the country that collects and exhibits cultural relics from the Jin Dynasty. It houses nearly 3000 cultural relics from the Jin Dynasty, including over 30 national first-grade protected cultural relics.

Harbin Urban Planning Exhibition Hall

Recorded the city changes, planning and development of Harbin. The first floor also has a multimedia three-dimensional planning sand table, which is very impressive, but this part is not often open. The first floor is a historical plan, the third floor is an introduction to the development of the new area, etc., which can provide more understanding of the urban development of Harbin.

Beer Museum

Harbin Beer Museum is located in Pingfang district, Harbin city. It officially opened on September 20, 2014. It uses innovative high-tech and multimedia interactive devices to vividly replicate the history of beer and showcase the interesting beer culture, providing customers with a unique beer culture experience. The museum also features a dynamic cinema and other multimedia interactive devices, as well as the first ice bar and beer academy, offering a "one-stop" brand interactive experience.

Maritime museum

There are many models of ships, such as workboats, medical ships, etc., suitable for visiting and learning about related knowledge.

Harbin Railway Museum

The Ha Tie Cultural Palace is located on West Dazhi Street. There are neatly displayed locomotives at the entrance, with a total of two floors showcasing the development of the Harbin railway, as well as train models and other exhibits.
This private museum, located in Shuangcheng, focuses on antique cars as its main collection. The museum has a wide range of exhibits, including rare models like the Hongqi sedan, Volkswagen, as well as off-road vehicles and trucks.
Phia Church, with its exquisite dome and mural paintings, also has photo exhibitions and architectural model exhibitions. The exhibits are not many, but worth a visit.

Nangang Museum

In a 1904 old building, a historical and evolutionary introduction of Nangang District is displayed. The exhibition area is on two floors, and registration is required at the entrance.