See ice sculptures in these six places

Harbin's ice sculptures are very famous. Various kinds of ice sculptures, ice lanterns, and ice and snow art make Harbin a city that must be visited every winter.

Harbin Ice and Snow World

Harbin Ice and Snow World is an annual ice and snow themed carnival, open from Christmas until early March of the next year. Here, you can admire beautiful ice sculptures, snow sculptures, and ice castles. The enchanting ice lantern feast under various colorful lights at night is especially captivating, and you can also enjoy a variety of snow entertainment projects.

Sun Island Snow Expo

The Sun Island Snow Expo is located within the Sun Island Scenic Area. Unlike the ice sculptures at the Ice and Snow World, the Snow Expo mainly showcases snow sculptures, making it more suitable to visit during the daytime. The Snow Expo is held for approximately two months each year, during which visitors can appreciate various large-scale snow sculptures created by both Chinese and foreign artists.

Yabuli Ice and Snow Happy Valley

Yabuli Ice and Snow Entertainment Valley is located on the ice surface of Lingzhi Lake in the Yabuli Ski Resort of Heilongjiang Sports Bureau. It offers nearly 20 projects for visitors from all over the country. The Dragon River Pavilion showcases the local customs of Heilongjiang, ice and snow culture, the development of China's ice and snow industry, as well as the geographical features and natural resources of the Dragon River region.

Central Avenue Colorful Ice World

An ice sculpture boutique exhibition center combining appreciation, leisure, entertainment, and training. Ice lantern products, with the assistance of modern technology-controlled lighting and music, produce brilliant colors and create a unique and fantastical icy fairy tale world.

Harbin Old Street Ice Lanterns

The Old Street Ice and Snow Art Museum is located at the intersection of Central Street and West BaDao Street - Floor -1 of Silversport. It is a ice sculpture exhibition center that combines viewing, leisure, entertainment, and training. The exhibition area of the museum gathers the award-winning works from the Harbin Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival over the years, with an ice volume of 1,000 cubic meters and a total investment of 30 million RMB. It can accommodate 3,000 to 5,000 visitors per day.
Zhaolin Park is only a little over 200 meters away from Central Street in Harbin, and it is the city's oldest urban park. It has also been the venue for the annual Ice Lantern Fair.