Harbin has delicious ice cream shops

In winter, Harbin is like a natural refrigerator. You can see stalls selling ice cream everywhere on the roadside. You must try the feeling of eating ice cream while walking in the snowy landscape. This is a special experience in winter Harbin.

Marl Icy Beverage Bar

Matthiol popsicle can be regarded as one of the business cards of Harbin. It has a strong milk flavor and follows traditional production techniques without any additives. Matthiol popsicle has a smooth texture and is a century-old taste. Even in the freezing cold winter of minus 20-30 degrees, it still sells well. Although the environment in the ice cream shop is average, it is always packed every day. It feels like something is missing if you come to Central Street and don't try "Matthiol".

Lao Ding Feng (Daxin Store)

Selling various pastries, including 8 major series of 66 sets of mooncakes.

Antarctic Ice Cream Shop (Happy Pine Store)

Established cold drink shop, offering a variety of flavors, also selling ice cream cakes.

Song Zhi Ji (West Twelve Store)

Freshly baked egg puffs with ice cream and whipped cream taste best when eaten hot.

Raymikou Black Sesame Ice Cream (Kade Square Study House Branch)

There is a layer of marshmallow stacked on top of the ice cream, with popping candy inside.

Sisi Snow Ice Cream

There are various flavors of ice cream at SisiXue, with rich milk flavor and unique taste.