Must-visit meat lovers restaurant in Harbin - TOP

After walking on the streets of Harbin in the minus ten degrees weather, are you shivering a little? At this time, you need some delicious meat to replenish energy: big bone soup, stewed fish, or smoked meat. It can relieve the cold feeling and satisfy your taste buds.

Mao Mao smoked meat, Northeastern Chinese cuisine

This is a cheap and cheerful home-style restaurant located on Da'an Street next to Zhongyang Avenue. The interior of the restaurant is clean, and the staff are enthusiastic. The smoked meat in this restaurant is authentic and tender, especially when paired with the chewy pancake. The sweet and sour pork and jelly salad also have an authentic taste, with generous portions and good value for money.

Commissioned Red Sausages

Shangwei red sausage is one of the most delicious sausages in Harbin. It has a unique flavor, rich garlic taste, and is not greasy at all. Shangwei red sausage operates using a front shop and back factory business model, without any branches, only this one. In order to ensure the freshest taste, they limit production every day. There is already a long line at 6 o'clock in the morning, and it is sold out by the afternoon. Foodies who want to taste it must go early to queue!

Pork dish called "Lao Liu's Pig Killing Vegetables"

Harbin is famous for its restaurants. The pork dishes here are exceptional, especially for the taste of people in Northeast China. The chicken stew with mushrooms, sweet and sour pork, and other dishes are also very authentic. The portion sizes here are generous, and in the evening there are folk performances and Russian song and dance shows, creating a lively atmosphere in the main hall on the first floor.

Xue Fu One-Taste Braised Pork Ribs

Originally a government canteen, they serve a wide variety of delicious braised pork ribs.

Wuji Sauce Bone Stew Restaurant (Xidazhi Street Branch)

A popular Northeastern restaurant in Harbin, known for its signature bone marrow which is particularly flavorful and should not be missed. Another specialty is mashed potatoes, which blend perfectly with the meat soup, resulting in a rich and intense flavor. In addition, dishes such as sweet and sour pork, blood sausage, and braised pork hock are also authentic and satisfying. The restaurant environment and prices are also pleasing.

Bai Yi Da Di Guo (Hong Xiang Road New Store)

The main dishes are stewed in iron pots, and the seats are all kang beds, which is very unique.

Zhongxiang Lao Guandong Iron Pot Stew (Aijian Store)

Authentic flavors, generous portions, excellent value for money.