What are the recommended attractions to visit in Harbin for a first-time visit?

If you want to explore popular attractions in Northeast China, Harbin is a must-visit transit station. However, it is not just a transit station. Walk along the century-old "Central Street," listen to the joyful cooing of white pigeons at the "Sophia Church," immerse yourself in the fantasy of the "Ice and Snow World," and savor authentic Northeastern cuisine. Apart from Yabuli Snow Village, there are more places in Harbin waiting for you to stay and capture memories.

St. Sophia Church

The landmark St. Sophia Cathedral, which was established in 1907, is a prominent architectural attraction in Harbin. Its green onion-shaped dome is very eye-catching. St. Sophia Cathedral used to be the largest Orthodox Church in the Far East and is currently the best-preserved Byzantine-style building in China. After being transformed into an art gallery, it showcases nearly a thousand pictures and an urban planning sand table, reflecting the history, current situation, and future of Harbin.

Ice and Snow World

In the Ice and Snow World, you can admire the world's tallest, longest, and largest ice and snow landscapes. Each edition will have a new theme. There are also globally renowned architectures, classic cartoon characters, and European-style dance performances to watch.

Sun Island

Sun Island Park is located on the north bank of the Songhua River in downtown Harbin, facing Stalin Park across the river. It is known as a summer resort by tourists. The island is home to a large number of European-style villas, which were once the summer retreats for Russians. These buildings are nestled among lush green trees. The park also boasts the largest snow-themed winter park in China, where it transforms into a snowy wonderland during the winter.

Russian-style town

The Russian-style town is located in the core of Sun Island Scenic Area, the famous ice city Harbin, and is adjacent to the riverside scenic line. The entire town consists of 27 villas and houses with Russian characteristics. The town is hidden among flowers, green trees, with various styles, forming a unique natural and architectural landscape.
Volga Manor is located 16 kilometers from Ash River in Chenggaozi Town, Xiangfang District, Harbin City. It covers an area of over 600,000 square meters and is a garden with Russian culture as its theme, fully enriched with exotic features.
Dragon Tower, with a height of 336 meters, ranks second in the world and first in Asia among steel towers. It is a comprehensive and multi-functional tower that integrates broadcasting and television transmission, tourism, catering and entertainment, advertising, environmental monitoring, microwave communication, and wireless communication. It is a landmark building in Harbin, Northeast China. Dragon Tower has become a must-visit tourist destination for visitors from home and abroad.

Yingjie Hot Springs

The Yinge Hot Spring in Binxian Scenic Area has been discovered. Compared with other hot springs, Yinge Hot Spring has a high fluorine content, which is very beneficial for bones and skin. The water temperature is 52°C, making it a high-quality cold region hot spring, which belongs to calcium carbonate spring. With the surrounding advantages of natural resources, Yinge Hot Spring can provide visitors with a fairyland-like experience of soaking in hot springs among mountains and waters.

Yongtai World

Yongtai World is a dream kingdom carefully created for guests of different age groups, featuring a large indoor sunroof design and original themed street scenes, allowing guests to experience unlimited joy in a world of eternal spring.