Harbin | A comprehensive list of Russian restaurants

The only place in China where you can eat authentic Russian cuisine is Harbin. There are several Russian-style restaurants on both sides of Central Street, and you must visit these restaurants!

Pottermans Western Restaurant (Daoli branch)

Pottman Western Restaurant has an elegant atmosphere and a somewhat bourgeois decoration. There is also a piano performance by beautiful Russian women. In the evening, candles are lit, creating a strong exotic atmosphere. Here, you can enjoy a rich and fragrant borscht, which has a traditional Russian taste. The black pepper steak is very flavorful as the main course. The mashed potatoes are made very smooth and creamy, melting in your mouth with a rich milky taste.

Hua Mei Western Restaurant (Central Street Branch)

Huamei Western Restaurant is a well-established Russian-style restaurant in Harbin, with a history of nearly a hundred years. The interior decor of the restaurant is retro and nostalgic, with traditional Russian decorations that make people feel like they are back in the early twentieth century. The dishes here are authentic Russian delicacies, including borscht, braised beef in a pot, and braised prawns, which are all irresistibly delicious and reasonably priced.

TaDowes Western Restaurant

Tadossi Restaurant was founded in 1901 and is a truly century-old establishment. It is a unique Russian-style restaurant with a hidden entrance on the side of the main street. The restaurant is located underground, with dim lighting and various Russian wine bottles, pianos, and phonographs placed around, giving it a nostalgic atmosphere. Tadossi's borscht is thick and authentic, and their braised beef is very flavorful. The service here is also good.

Lucia's Western Restaurant (Xitoudao Street branch)

Famous Russian restaurant. Open the two doors covered with vines, the rich Russian style comes to you, giving a feeling of being in a foreign land. The borscht is very flavorful, and the black pepper mashed potatoes are absolutely delicious.

Europa Western Restaurant

Europa Western Restaurant is a famous Russian-style restaurant located on Central Street. Its biggest characteristic is the romantic dining environment. The live piano performance creates a romantic atmosphere, making it a great place for couples to go on a date. The restaurant's dishes also have a good reputation, especially the borscht, black pepper steak, and canned shrimp, which are no less inferior to any other western restaurant.

Mars Western Restaurant

Mars Western Restaurant was founded in 1925 and has a high reputation locally. It has served famous people such as Zhang Xueliang, Xiao Hong, and Wang Luobin. Red vegetables soup and braised lamb in pot are recommended must-try dishes.