Unmissable Jiangnan snacks

Every place is filled with exquisite cuisine, which not only dazzles the eyes but also arouses longing in people's hearts. People from the Jiangnan region are delicate and leisurely, and their cuisine is the same.

Wu Shengxing silky soup dumpling restaurant (Pingqiao Zhijie branch)

Suzhou's best Zhousha Soup Dumplings, a hit among locals.

Yaba Shengjian (Lindun Road branch)

Ya Ba Sheng Jian is one of the best Sheng Jian in Suzhou, with a history of over 60 years. The founder is a mute person, hence the name. The Linton Road branch is the most popular one, with people often buying a lot of Sheng Jian to take away, so there is always a long queue. In addition to Sheng Jian, they also sell wontons, noodles, and other supplementary dishes. The outer skin of Ya Ba Sheng Jian is crispy, and when you take a bite, the delicious soup flows into your mouth. The meat filling is fresh and the flavor is slightly sweet. Usually, one serving of Sheng Jian is enough, and you can also try it with beef vermicelli soup. If there are more people, you can also try the vegetable and meat wontons, which are equally delicious.

Green willow dumplings

Traditional Chinese cuisine, the soup base is extremely delicious, and the meat filling is fresh and sweet.

Chenji Bubble Crab Dumplings

Bubble wontons are fully inflated with air after being cooked, with thin skin like cicada wings, and they melt in your mouth.

Rongyang Building

The most popular breakfast restaurant on Shantang Street, a century-old brand.

Xiaojiang Pot-stickers

A local well-known snack shop famous for various types of pan-fried dumplings. A must-try here is their beef pan-fried dumplings, along with a bowl of fresh meat wonton. The ambiance of the shop is good, but the service is average.