The noodle restaurants recommended by food connoisseurs in Suzhou are all here

The local characteristic noodle shops recommended by Lao Suzhou will fill your every meal during the journey.

Tong De Xing Boutique Noodle House (Jiayu Fang Branch)

Compared to many long-established brands from the Ming and Qing dynasties in Suzhou, Tong Dexing is considered a rising star. The interior decoration combines elements of Suzhou gardens, with wooden carved tables and chairs. The authentic Suzhou-style noodles here are popular, so there are always crowded during mealtime. The types of noodles are categorized in great detail, with a choice of red or white soup based on personal preference. The ambience is ancient and the noodles and toppings are ordered separately, known for their authentic taste!

Zhang Fei Beef (Guanqian Street Branch)

A small shop with a dedicated focus on beef noodles for many years, offering a menu full of various flavors of beef noodles, with particularly delicious spicy and sour taste. The prices are affordable and down-to-earth.

Qionglinge Face Villa (Shuyuan Lane branch)

The soup is clear and not greasy. The red soup is even more intense with a bright red color.

Zhū Hóngxīng Noodle House

Well-known local store in Suzhou, specializing in noodle soup. Noodle lovers shouldn't miss it.

Jin Tang Noodle House (Li Zha Road branch)

Delicious broth, great value for money, one of the popular noodle shops in Changshu.

Sun Shengxing's Ao Zao Noodle House (Mudu Branch)

Aozao noodles are a specialty of Kunshan, with brown broth and white noodles.

Yuxingji Noodle House (Old Shop on Xibei Street)

A time-honored noodle restaurant near Suzhou Museum serves traditional Suzhou-style noodles "Liáng miàn huáng". You can choose various toppings such as shrimp and shredded meat, assorted toppings, etc. The price is reasonable and the service is good.

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