Suzhou, the favorite photography destination of the little fairy

Suzhou is not just a city with gardens, it has its own modernity as well as unique vintage, artistic, and fresh styles.

Suzhou Garden Museum, treasures of Wu's land. Suzhou Museum consists of two parts: the new museum opened in 2006 and the ancient building of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom's Loyal Prince Mansion (old museum). The entire museum is like a small garden. In the new museum, you can see artifacts such as ceramics, jade, paintings, and calligraphy from ancient times to modern times; in the Loyal Prince Mansion, you can also see beautiful and elegant "Suzhou-style colored paintings."
The first branch of Eslite Bookstore in mainland China is more than just a bookstore, it is a comprehensive building with a bookstore as its main feature. The building is well-designed, with a striking 18-meter high and 6-meter wide 72-step staircase at the entrance. The bookstore sells a large number of books and also provides areas for customers to sit and read. In addition, there are exquisite stationery stores, dessert shops, coffee shops, restaurants, and clothing stores scattered across different floors. It's a place where artistic young people can spend the entire day.
Pingjiang Road Historic Block is located south of the Humble Administrator's Garden and has a history of over 2,500 years. It is a well-preserved ancient street. It is only separated by one lane from the Guanqian Street to the west, but it has a completely different tranquil and ancient atmosphere. It's very pleasant to stroll around here, admire the buildings, and enjoy some local snacks. Tranquil and ancient, strolling around the ancient town and enjoying local snacks, it's so relaxing.

Golden Chicken Lake

Jinji Lake is located in Suzhou Industrial Park, showcasing a different side of Suzhou with its high-rise buildings and modernization compared to the antique charm of the old city area. The lake is slightly larger than West Lake in Hangzhou and attracts many visitors every day for leisurely walks by the lake, shopping, eating delicious food, and newlyweds often come here for wedding photoshoots. The high-rise buildings and modernization showcase another side of Suzhou.

Cat's Sky City Concept Bookstore (Pingjiang Road Branch)

The most famous chain of small bourgeois-style bookstores and cafes in the Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and Shanghai area. This shop is located on Pingjiang Road in Suzhou, where you can quietly read books, enjoy delicious afternoon tea, and send postcards. The shop is popular for its silk stocking milk tea, hand-drawn maps, and rare literary books. It's crowded, so you'd better arrive early to find a good spot. With its antique wooden decor, it's a must-visit for artistic youth.
The Suzhou Imperial Kiln Brick Museum (also known as Suzhou Imperial Kiln Ruins Park) is located on Xicheng Road, Xiangcheng District. It was designed by renowned architect Liu Jiakun, with the main purpose of showcasing the process of crafting "Imperial Kiln Bricks" and its profound historical and cultural significance. It is a picturesque and modern photography spot, showcasing the process of firing the gold bricks.


A relaxed space that combines coffee, fashion, and pets.
The Dushu Lake Church, named after its location next to the beautiful Dushu Lake in the Suzhou Industrial Park, was founded in 2008. The first Easter service was held on April 4, 2010, followed by the dedication ceremony on May 28 of the same year. The church is built in the Gothic architectural style, with a total area of 5619 square meters, consisting of the main hall, pastor's office, and bell tower. The second floor of the main hall can accommodate thousands of people, while the first floor has four smaller chapels, each accommodating over 200 people. The church's stained glass windows are highly distinctive, vividly interpreting the cultural elements of Christianity. The bell tower, standing at 51 meters tall, houses five bronze bells of different sizes, which can play music and chime the hours.
Ben Se Art Museum is a non-profit art and cultural institution privately financed and operated by Mr. Chen Hanxing. It is mainly dedicated to promoting the experimental exploration of contemporary Chinese art and actively seeks to engage in cross-disciplinary experiments in various art forms, including painting, sculpture, installation, performance art, photography, video, architecture, design, and music. The museum is located by the canal, built along the water, covering an area of 13 acres. It consists of three interconnected cubes, with over one million blue bricks on the exterior, creating a restrained yet dynamic architectural style that harmonizes with the surrounding natural ecology of rivers, lakes, and residential areas.

FU HUA LIFE Flower Art Cafe

This is a cozy little shop that combines floral art and coffee, perfect for taking photos.

Future City Amusement Park

The Future City amusement park is located on Green Avenue in Kunshan. It consists of three hotel-style apartment buildings, with a unique pyramid shape that has a cool and distinctive appearance. With its futuristic and sci-fi vibes, this building in Kunshan has become a popular "Instagrammable" spot for trendsetters. From afar, it looks like a pyramid-shaped structure built with LEGO blocks, showcasing geometric beauty.

no duality space

Suzhou's newly popular coffee shop combines industrial and garden-style design, it is a great place to enjoy afternoon tea with its simple and artistic atmosphere, where coffee and various desserts are both visually appealing and delicious.

Right View · La Cipolla

The gray bricks and white walls create a perfect style, combining attractiveness and taste.
Huayi Brothers Film World is located in the picturesque Suzhou Yangcheng Lake Peninsula National Tourism Resort. The design team of Huayi Brothers Film World has indulged in imagination and made great efforts to create five major movie-themed areas: "Star Avenue", "If You Are the One", "Union", "Tai Chi", and "Heavenly Empire". Combining seven original films from Huayi Brothers, they have invited internationally renowned film artists to break through traditional design techniques and recreate the aesthetics of film scenery. Star Avenue Area: A movie magic book interpreted with giant screens, dynamic, fashionable, and fun.