The rally of food lovers in Suzhou has begun, come quickly!

The physical exertion of travel expenses must be the most intensive. Being able to taste a local dish of meat in a city along the way is truly a gastronomic delight.

Songhe Tower (Guangqian Store)

Songhe Tower on Guanqian Street has a history of over 200 years. If you want to taste authentic Suzhou cuisine, this is the place to go. Their Taiji Soup is a must-try dish: made with tofu soup and chopped shepherd's purse, it has a mild flavor and unique presentation.

Lao Suzhou Dake Tang · Special Snacks (Guangqian Street Branch)

Suzhou Pingtan performance. Roasted eel is extraordinary.

Fish Food Rice Delicious Food Beautiful Scenery Jiangsu and Zhejiang Restaurant (Pingjiang Road Branch)

At the end of the Daren Alley, heading east, you can see a white wall with the words "Fish Food Rice" written on it. The restaurant's decor looks like an old water town kitchen, full of flavor. The wooden lattice doors and windows are consistent with the style of the entire Pingjiang Road. Sitting by the window, you can see the quaint street scene through the glass. The restaurant uses farm-to-table ingredients, catering to the general public's taste, and the plating is also creative.

Yu Mi Ji Landscape Restaurant (Mudu Branch)

Moderate price, delicious taste, the special dish is stir-fried pork.

Home-style dishes of the Lu family

Firm and succulent white fish, lightly stir-fried for a refreshing taste, not to be missed.

Taste Private Kitchen (217 Gourmet Street branch)

Specializing in private-style crayfish, with natural elements embellishing the restaurant.

Recommendation for a draft

Lugaojian was founded in the second year of the Kangxi reign (1663 AD). The first shop seen on Guanqian Street after passing through Cu Fangqiao was Lugaojian. The window selling cooked food often had long queues and was very popular. Lugaojian is famous in Suzhou for its sauced meat. The fatty yet not greasy pork belly melts in the mouth with a sweet and savory taste.