Suzhou's top six places to visit in autumn

Where is the most beautiful autumn maple scenery in Suzhou? Some people say it is in Tianping Mountain, while others say that every alley, bridge, corridor, and eave in Suzhou embodies the essence of Jiangnan autumn. Besides Tianping Mountain, what are some other good places in Suzhou to enjoy autumn maple leaves?

Liu Garden, together with Suzhou's Humble Administrator's Garden, Beijing's Summer Palace, and Chengde's Mountain Resort, is known as the Four Famous Gardens of China. The garden is adorned with pavilions, towers, and winding corridors, as well as lush greenery and a clear pool of water, creating picturesque and elegant views. Liu Garden is one of the Four Famous Gardens, and in autumn, it is adorned with brilliant red maple leaves, golden yellow foliage, and vibrant cypress trees.

Saiho-ji Temple

The Xiyuan Temple, also known as Jiezhuang Lü Temple or Xiyuan Ancient Temple, was originally built during the Yuan Dynasty (1264-1294) and reconstructed in the Qing Dynasty. It is the only temple garden in Suzhou that combines temple and garden architecture and is influenced by the Ming Dynasty. Xiyuan Temple is one of the four ancient temples in Suzhou, known for its autumn scenery of falling ginkgo leaves.

Mount Tianshan

Tianping Mountain is located 15 kilometers west of Suzhou City. It is the burial place of Fan Zhongyan's ancestors, and the cultural scenic spots related to the Fan family are mainly concentrated at the foot of the mountain. Tianping Mountain is 201 meters above sea level. Although not high, it is quite steep, making it exciting to climb. During the Red Maple Festival from October to December every year, the beautiful autumn colors always attract countless visitors. The strange rocks, red maple trees, and clear springs are renowned as the "Three Wonders of Tianping" and are well-known worldwide.
Lion Grove, Humble Administrator's Garden, Lingering Garden, and Canglang Pavilion are collectively known as the "Four Famous Gardens of Suzhou". Lion Grove, although small, is famous for its rockeries, which resemble dancing lions, and the interconnected rockeries create a maze-like structure. You can count the stone lions and explore the diamond-headed maze for the fun of hide-and-seek. In autumn, the rockery pavilions, towers, and colorful autumn scenery create a beautiful picture.
Carved Flower Pavilion, known as the "Number One Pavilion in the South of the Yangtze River," is renowned for its exquisite carvings and ingenious structure. Due to its exquisite carvings and magnificent ancient mansion layout, numerous TV dramas have been filmed at the Carved Flower Pavilion. Enjoying an autumn trip to the Carved Flower Pavilion means experiencing the antique charm and the auspicious sight of red maple leaves.

Soochow University

Suzhou University is located in the ancient city of Suzhou, known as the "Heaven on Earth". It is a key university under the national "211 Project" and one of the first batch of universities recognized under the "2011 Plan". It is a key comprehensive university in Jiangsu Province, with its main predecessor being Dongwu University, founded in 1900. It currently has 5 campuses, including Tiancizhuang, Dong, North, Dushu Lake, and Yangcheng Lake, with Tiancizhuang being the main campus.