Lanzhou's high-value internet popular hotel selection

Super high appearance value, comfortable and warm, the internet-famous hotel in Lanzhou that you won't want to leave once you stay there. Waiting for you to check-in.

Phoenix Nest Guesthouse (Lanzhou Anning branch)

The decoration is very Zen, with Chinese ancient style in raw wood, and the spatial pattern design is grand.

Xi'an Light Elegant Hotel (Lanzhou Railway Station Branch)

The room has a Tiffany blue style, very fresh and cozy.

Lanzhou Xiyue Inn

Luxurious, magnificent, upscale, with ethnic characteristics.

Zhefei Hotel (Lanzhou Railway Station Store)

Zhefei Hotel is a mid-to-high-end hotel brand under Plateno Group that combines café culture and hotel perfectly. It aims to provide business travelers with a unique and tasteful experience, focusing on emotions, style, atmosphere, and business features, in addition to accommodation needs.

Xingcheng Hotel (Lanzhou Railway Station branch)

Starry Journey Hotel (Lanzhou Railway Station Branch) is located on Southwest Dingxi Road, Chengguan District, Lanzhou City (east side of Dongfanghong Cinema), adjacent to Lanzhou Passenger Transport Center, Lanzhou University, and Landau Computer City with large shopping malls (Guofang Department Store) around.

Lanzhou Nan Ya Hotel Train Station Branch

The South Asian Style Hotel is an investment by Senkai Hotel Management Co., Ltd., featuring a South Asian theme. The hotel is located in the core commercial area of the city, about 2 kilometers from the train station and about 40 minutes by car from Zhongchuan International Airport. It is conveniently accessible by bus routes 1 and 9. The surrounding area is a street of snack bars, where you can experience and taste local delicacies in Lanzhou without going to Zhengning Road. The hotel has complete indoor facilities, including 24-hour hot water, independent air conditioning, and internet TV, allowing guests to experience a different atmosphere in a warm, clean, and comfortable environment.