Unlock the real Lanzhou beef noodle

Lanzhou people have an extreme love for a bowl of noodles. Some people eat it every day. Those who truly love Lanzhou beef noodles can tell whether the soup of a specific restaurant is carefully prepared just by tasting it. In fact, Lanzhou has many delicious beef noodle places, each with its own unique characteristics. It may be like what is said in the Chinese version of "A Bite of China" that perhaps the best one is the one downstairs of your own home. However, for outsiders visiting Lanzhou, we hope to recommend the most famous and convenient one for you to facilitate your travel. Don't just eat beef noodles. Lanzhou has many other delicious things too!

Malajun spicy beef noodles

Famous beef noodle restaurant, local family eatery.

Mogouyan is an old brand of beef noodles

Meat slices are served separately on a plate. The chef who makes Lanzhou beef noodles in Chengdu has excellent knife skills. The beef is sliced thinly enough to see light through, and the slices here are thick, large, and tender. The texture is good, and the beef is also fragrant. No wonder there are so many people here.

Bailaoqi's Pong Grey Beef Noodles

This beef noodle dish is very unique, the meat is tender, the chili oil is delicious, the broth is also good, but the noodles are not the best, maybe it's related to the noodle master. It can be considered as one of the best beef noodles in Lanzhou!

Jinqiang beef noodles

West Railway Station Road (Wuquan Square), Yantan Road (Motorcycle Market).

White Jianqiang beef noodles

Local cafeteria level old shop, beef noodle soup has a clear taste with chewy noodles.

Ma Zilu Beef Noodles (Popular Lane Shop)

A well-known old-fashioned beef noodle shop with high popularity among locals. Ma Zi Lu beef noodles use a unique recipe, making the broth rich, the noodles chewy, and the taste refreshing, delightful, and long-lasting.