What are the most popular shopping malls in Lanzhou?

Lanzhou has many popular shopping malls and pedestrian streets where you can come and take a walk.

Zhangye Road Pedestrian Street

Zhangye Road has always been a landmark and core area of Lanzhou, similar to Wangfujing in Beijing or Nanjing Road in Shanghai. Various department stores, local specialty shops, and retail stores are gathered here. If you want to go on a shopping spree in Lanzhou, it's a good choice to come here for a stroll.

Nanguan Shizi

There are many old-fashioned shops in the Nan Guan Shi area, such as the "Shanghai Gao Tuan Shop" in the northwest corner and the "Da Cai Shi" selling groceries and vegetables in the northeast corner. There are also various types of shops scattered around.
The Dongfanghong Plaza is located on the north-south scenic axis in the central area of Lanzhou City. It has a comprehensive commercial mall with nearly 50,000 square meters underground. It is a comprehensive cultural plaza that integrates commemoration, assembly, and leisure functions, and is a gathering place for leisure, entertainment, and parent-child activities for the people of Lanzhou. It is the largest, most historically rich, culturally profound, and commercially developed comprehensive city center plaza on the Silk Road in Western China. It is also the largest urban living room in the Lanzhou Chengguan International District and the commercial district of Dongfang Plaza, radiating to the Central Business District of Donggang West Road and the College District of Panxuan Road.

Yongchang Road Night Market Street

Yongchang Road is the most abundant night market for goods in Lanzhou. It has a superior geographical location and is a popular nightlife destination for people of all ages in Lanzhou. You can find snacks, clothing, jewelry, toys, and more here. No matter what kind of crowd you are, you can basically find your own joy here. As evening falls, this place is bustling with people. If you are a "night market enthusiast", you will definitely be "addicted" to it here!

Lanzhou East Comprehensive Wholesale Market

It is a very large wholesale market with ten halls including children's clothing hall, fashion hall, luggage hall, etc.; six cities including shoe city, clothing city, electronics city, etc.; and four venues including leisure plaza, parking lot, etc. It has a large scale and a complete range of goods.