Several must-try halal delicacies in Lanzhou

When it comes to the cuisine of Lanzhou, besides the well-known Lanzhou noodles, there are also many other delicious dishes. Let's find out which famous halal restaurants in Lanzhou are a must-visit.

Jincheng Noodles First Stir-fry (Popular Lane Main Store)

Authentic taste of signature stir-fried noodles, accompanied by tomatoes, green peppers, and sliced meat, fried to perfection with a fragrant aroma. Although the noodles are small, about the size of a fingernail, they are chewy and enjoyable. Just look at this braised beef, it looks enticing, topped with spicy red chili oil, it's not dry or tasteless, but naturally flavorful.

Ma Lao Liu Halal Restaurant (Tongwei Road branch)

Ma Lao Liu Halal Catering is located in the city center, it's an old-fashioned store with convenient transportation. The decoration has ethnic features. The signature dish is hand-pulled lamb, which is fatty but not greasy, fragrant but not spicy. There is no gamy taste in the lamb, the meat quality is excellent.

Madahuzi Lamb (Main Branch)

Lanzhou's local specialty cuisine, affordable price, generous portion, tender lamb, worth a try.

Halal Fat Mama Hand-Pulled Noodles (Dingxi Road Branch)

The hand-picked lamb in this shop tastes very authentic, tender but not greasy.

Yunfeng Halal Restaurant (Nanbinhe Road branch)

Local food restaurant, near the Yellow River, across from the famous White Pagoda Mountain Park, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery while having a meal.