Lanzhou dessert list

Lanzhou's desserts are worth a try. Take your taste buds and enjoy it, how about?

Du Ji Desserts

Duji Dessert is a local old-fashioned dessert shop with an antique facade and dim lighting inside. There is a constant stream of customers coming and going. The gray beans, sweet fermented rice, and hot crystal cake are all worth trying, especially the soft and sweet gray beans, which have an excellent taste.

Pei Afu apricot skin tea

It is the most famous apricot kernel tea in Lanzhou.

Looking back (New World flagship store)

A restaurant in Lanzhou with a unique selection of stuffed gluten, sweet fermented rice, and jelly noodles, very popular.

Zhengning Road Night Market

Night market fills the entire street, bustling with people and noise. Customers gather to enjoy a variety of snacks at outdoor seating.