When you come to Lanzhou, you must go and eat lamb

How could you miss the lamb dish when you come to Lanzhou? Whether it's for lunch or dinner, it is highly recommended to try these few restaurants, which offer both local flavors and a blend of regional tastes.

Aysha lamb

High popularity, high cost-effectiveness.

Fat Mama Hand Grab Restaurant

Lanzhou lamb old shop, accepts halal food.

Fuxing Village boiled mutton

A hot pot of lamb meat opened by people from Guangdong is definitely worth a try.

Sunzi BBQ (Gaolan Road Branch)

Lamb skewered and roasted over fruitwood charcoal, sourced from Jingyuan.

Jiayuguan barbecue

In Zhengning Road Night Market, Lanzhou's time-honored brand.

Halal Jun Le Special Noodles with Lamb Pao Mo and Barbecue

Lanzhou is a must-visit city with unique local characteristics.