Have an afternoon tea in Zhuhai and then leave

Coming to Zhuhai, a leisurely and beautiful city, how can one not experience the life of afternoon tea? Here are several places that are most suitable for enjoying this activity.

Shanghai-style decoration with rockeries, fish ponds, courtyards, and various antique decorations, exuding a strong sense of old Shanghai and a touch of elegance. Specializing in local homemade dishes, the secret recipe for the large prawns is amazing, making it a great choice for a peaceful afternoon tea.


LADY7 is a European-style restaurant. It's a great place to hang out with friends during afternoon tea, enjoying delicious food and taking photos. I recommend trying their Alaska crab pasta and honey toast.

Kiss Durian restaurant

This is a durian restaurant originating from Singapore, located on the third floor of Moor Square, and is one of the best durian pizza shops in Zhuhai.

Liyuan Seafood Restaurant

This restaurant is a traditional Cantonese tea restaurant with affordable and diverse variety of dim sum. The main dishes in this restaurant are Cantonese cuisine, dim sum, and seafood. Recommended dishes include the delicious har gow, custard buns, steamed spare ribs with black bean sauce, and durian pastries. If you want to experience Guangdong's morning tea culture and Cantonese flavors, this authentic old restaurant should be a good choice.

Sweetness and beauty

A well-established dessert shop in Zhuhai offering a wide variety of desserts, with delicious durian and mango flavors.

Jinyuexuan Seafood Restaurant (Gongbei Branch)

Authentic Cantonese cuisine is a top choice for all in Zhuhai, offering a wide variety of traditional Guangdong-style dim sum, seafood, roasted meats, and stir-fried dishes. In addition, you can also taste creative dishes that combine traditional and modern cooking methods. The presentation of the dishes is exquisite and beautiful, pleasing to the eye. The environment is elegant and comfortable, with attentive service.

Yijian Healthy Food Square (Beiling Branch)

The restaurant is located on Lingnan Road, Beilingling. There are many eateries and shopping places nearby. Many locals like to come here for morning tea. The restaurant is spacious and bright, with a wide selection of dishes that are fresh, delicious, light and nutritious. The shrimp dumplings have thin skins and large fillings, and their crystal-clear appearance is attractive. The black bean sauce chicken feet are soft, chewy and very flavorful. The custard buns and durian pastries are also very good. The restaurant is open until late at night, so don't miss it when you come to Zhuhai.