Zhuhai less popular photography holy land

There are also some hidden gem photo spots in Zhuhai, each of them perfect for photography.

Mural Village

Colorful and exquisite murals have become popular tourist attractions, perfect for taking photos and selfies, instantly creating stunning pictures.

Nao Bei Shan

The second highest peak in Zhuhai, located on Hengqin Island, is a good place for taking photos with its windmill-covered hilltop.

Tangjiawan Ancient Town

Strolling through the deep and quiet ancient alley, enjoying centuries-old houses, both relaxing and comfortable.
Small commercial street with European style, low-key yet charming, rich in cultural atmosphere, perfect for leisurely strolls and photography.

Hengshi Base Beach

Unexplored beach, few people, soft sand, clear seawater, a paradise for photographers.

The Boundless Bookstore

The bookstore has a coffee shop in the middle, and from the window you can see the vast sea and sky, perfect for taking photos and checking in.

Old goods warehouse

Vintage items abound, exuding a strong sense of history, worth a visit.