Top cuisine: How to choose a Chaozhou restaurant

The cuisine of Chaoshan can be said to be very familiar. I recommend these several restaurants of good standard and invite you to try the dishes.

Donghai Restaurant

The conch in the East China Sea is usually prepared by boiling the white meat, which has a fresh and tender texture with a sweet taste.

Jianye Restaurant (Fenghuangshan Road branch)

The restaurant has a simple and elegant environment, and has been in business for over 20 years, creating a highly reputable and delicious taste. The staff provides enthusiastic and attentive service, recommending dishes based on the number of people and ingredients. The ingredients are fresh and of high quality, showcasing the essence of traditional and innovative dishes.

Golden Diamond Restaurant

Produced in Chaozhou, the famous dish Sheng Yan Crab is marinated with reduced salt, making it exceptionally fresh and sweet.

Happy Seafood Grand Restaurant

The seafood presentation in this restaurant is very distinctive, particularly exquisite, and just looking at it makes one's mouth water.

Dalinyuan Shijia specializes in authentic Chaoshan cuisine

The facade may not be impressive, but the interior decoration is exquisite and gives a sense of elegance and sophistication. The highlight is Master Lin's original soy sauce baked crab and the new option of stir-fried onions and ginger. The crab is fresh and the garlic is crispy and flavorful. The dishes are light and suitable for the local taste of Chaoshan.

Zhuang's Xiangji Home-style Restaurant (Guorui Branch)

Authentic Shantou specialties, luxurious decor, a variety of nourishing and beautifying dishes such as bird's nest, swallow's wings with abalone, sugarcane shrimp, tin foil ribs, crab and bamboo pith soup, and fish rice.