Must-try old restaurants in Shantou

The cuisine in Guangdong is not only abundant in variety but also has a unique taste, which is loved by tourists. Start to follow its footsteps now!

Baheli Haiji Beef Restaurant (Baheli Main Branch)

Haiji Beef Hotpot Restaurant has a simple way of eating. The ingredients are clear at a glance, so they serve a basic clear soup base for the hotpot. The customers can slice the meat outside the door and cook it inside the pot. The chef skillfully slices the beef into thin pieces according to the order, following the grain of different parts, and then plates and categorizes them. Recommended dishes: beef meatballs, various sliced beef.

Changping's Old Lady's Night Porridge

A 24-hour open-air food stall in Shantou is most famous for its fresh and pickled seafood.

Day Day Fragrant Goose Rice Restaurant

This goose meat shop mainly focuses on goose meat. It is said to have been featured in the popular Chinese food documentary "A Bite of China." Every day, diners from various places come here to taste the food at this seemingly simple roadside stall. You can also buy the meat on-site, vacuum-sealed to take away for your relatives and friends, or have it delivered.

Jun Kang Cheong Fun

There is a place for local snacks in Shantou. They are fresh and reasonably priced. They serve beef and pork, and the pork dish also includes an egg.

Ah Hong's Seafood Stir-Fry

Recommended by the locals, the restaurant has fresh ingredients. The razor clams are stir-fried with pickled vegetables and chili, resulting in a sour and spicy flavor.

Shanpai Fuping Fang

The specialty of this shop is sesame tea and almond tea. Highly recommended to try the combination.