The route to the eight most beautiful check-in spots on Kangaroo Island in South Australia

Not only known as the most beautiful island in Guangdong, Nan'ao Island is also the earliest place to see the sunrise. The independent island is surrounded by reefs, where shellfish thrive when the waves come in and sea snails, sea urchins, and sea fish can be seen when the waves recede. Drive along the island and bring your closest friends and family here, where you can taste the latest catch of seafood within two days and one night, and experience the most rugged sunrises, sunsets, and stargazing. With this checklist of tourist attractions, navigation is just one click away.

Changshan Tail Island Entrance

If the schedule is not rushed, it is recommended to enter the parking lot on the right after crossing the bridge to the island, where you can stay and take photos.


Distribution of several lighthouses in Nan'ao: Yunaoharbor Shitou Lighthouse, Dingpeng Island Lighthouse, Shangtian'an Lighthouse, Jinjiaoyi Lighthouse, Qian'ao Bay Lighthouse, Qihang Square Lighthouse. This particular lighthouse is unique. On a good weather day with high visibility, coupled with the blue sky and green sea on the island, you can capture a Japanese-style fairytale atmosphere in minutes. The recommended shooting location is about 3 to 4 kilometers past the island's entrance bridge on the circular road. Head towards the small road at the "Guangdong Nanpeng Archipelago Marine Ecology Public National Nature Reserve Administration Bureau."

Seaside road reef rocks

Translate to English: "Along the Ring Road, continue towards the direction of Houzai Town (county seat). The most recommended spot is near Xiangyun Square on the Houzai Seaside Road. On the left side of the road is the mountain, and on the right side is the sea, with beautiful and enchanting scenery. You can park your car and walk down to the seaside rocks to take photos, but be sure to stay safe. The rocks of various sizes are scattered randomly, making perfect material for photos! The best time to take pictures is during the sunset in the evening. If there are people in the photo, their silhouette against the backlight looks very nice! Spending a long time here may give you a feeling of being in the Aegean Sea!"

Seaside intersection

Continue driving along the coastal road towards the direction of the county town. Occasionally, you can stop at inconspicuous intersections to take in the scenery.

Three Chimneys Cliff Lighthouse

It is recommended to wait in the late night or early morning for the best photo opportunities in this check-in scene. The lighthouse serves as a beacon, and capturing the moment when it lights up in the deep night creates a great shot. During the daytime, you can still enjoy the charm of the island surrounded by deep blue, and the lighthouse serves as the guardian of this enchanting island.

Jiuxi Aomu Bridge

On this side of the wooden bridge, you can taste the fresh seafood caught from the net. Next door, there is a private restaurant where you can sit and experience the pleasure of "catch and eat" sensation. In the evening, accompanied by the aroma of fresh food on the bridge, you can easily capture the still picture given by the island without sophisticated equipment.

Zhuxi Bay Beach

This area is very clean and is considered a low-traffic area on the entire island. If you want to take unique photos or retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city for a vacation, this is undoubtedly the best location.

Senkaku Islands

Dingpeng Island is one of the islands in the Nampeng Archipelago. It is also contracted by fishermen for sea urchin aquaculture. The island has abundant sea urchins and retains the original natural marine life and water quality. The water, ranging from light green to deep blue, flows at your feet. It's not something a photo can fully express. Bring your dear friends and family to experience this gift from nature!