The handsome and wealthy in the Cheong fun industry: trendy-style Cheong fun

The Chaoshan region hides the "high, rich, and handsome" of the rice noodle industry: a sheet of rice noodle skin, topped with an egg, poured with pork or beef minced meat, sprinkled with several shrimp, bean sprouts, lettuce, and then added with a layer of secret braised soup, and finally sprinkled with a spoonful of Chaoshan pickled vegetables, fragrant and not greasy.

Jin Xin Rice Noodle Rolls

The most bustling cheong fun shop in Shantou, without a doubt. This shop is located on JinXin South Road. When I was a child, I would always pass by on my bike when going to Shantou No.1 Middle School, so I often visit. For 8 yuan per roll of beef cheong fun, plus a bowl of watercress soup, eating it gives a feeling of reaching the pinnacle of life. The cheong fun here not only has generous portions of shrimp, but also piles of oysters, which are truly one by one, making it an incredibly satisfying eating experience.

Three Body Intestine Rolls (Zhuchi Shop)

This is the only chain brand of Changfen (rice noodle roll) in Shantou, probably with four stores. The first one was named after the sculpture "Three Monumental Figures" nearby. The most popular one now is located on Changping Road.

Traditional Fei Ji Wah Wok Noodle Roll

The restaurant's beef rice noodle roll is unique, with the addition of green pepper beef and tomato. The owners, a couple who run the business together, are very nice and have a great physique. The service is also attentive and thoughtful.

Xiaowu Rice Rolls

This shop is a young representative in the rice noodle industry. It innovatively adds ground glutinous rice to the rice slurry to create the thinnest rice noodle skin in Shantou, which is claimed to be "fragile and easily breakable."

Steamed rice noodle rolls (Xiajie style)

In Guangdong, rice noodle rolls are a very common local delicacy. They are cheap, delicious, and suitable for people of all ages. From humble eateries to five-star hotels, they are almost everywhere. This is an old neighborhood, with many primary schools concentrated here. Groups of students used to pass by this shop on their way home from school. Although the shop is small, Xia Jie's cooking skills are excellent, and the rice noodle rolls seem to contain her love for her own children.