One day 100 yuan challenge Chaozhou snacks

$100 to eat Chaozhou snacks, adding a reason for a solo trip and adding some fun.

Cantonese rice noodle rolls

Originating in Guangzhou, rice noodle rolls have undergone skilled learning and transformation by the people in Chaoshan, showcasing widespread diversity. Despite being only slightly over 40 kilometers apart, Chaoshan and Shantou have completely different styles of rice noodle rolls. The rice noodle rolls from Chaoshan are easily distinguishable, as they use sesame paste and peanut sauce as condiments, which is unique compared to the use of soy sauce or gravy in other regions.

Traditional snack "Cai Bo" stuffed pig intestines with glutinous rice

Rice-stuffed pig intestines is a traditional local snack in Chaozhou, characterized by using the middle section of pig intestines with a diameter of about 3-4 cm. The intestines should not be too thick or too thin, and should be repeatedly washed with salt and edible alkali to ensure cleanliness and no odor. The filling is made of soaked glutinous rice for 3 hours, along with pork belly, soaked shiitake mushrooms, dried shrimp, lotus seeds, and so on. This is also a favorite restaurant among locals, and the innkeeper specifically instructs to look for the Cai family, which is delicious and hygienic. It tastes a bit like zongzi.

Nameless rice cake shop

Kueh originated from religious rituals, with up to thirty different deities corresponding to different types of kueh in the Chaozhou area. It later evolved into a popular snack. Chaozhou cuisine is known for its "shared by gods and humans" concept. The recommended shop is located at the intersection of Xi Ping Road and Xima Road, just a short walk from Cai Bo's house. Both the red bean kueh and chive kueh are highly recommended. If you have a big appetite, you can try them all.

Wu Jinting Snack Shop & Gongzai Lane Spring Pancakes

Chaozhou Spring Rolls are delicious and unique snacks with distinctive characteristics from Chaozhou, Guangdong. They are rectangular in shape, golden in appearance, crispy on the outside, and savory in filling. Highly recommended, a must-try!

Eighteen-curved Lao Wei's Fish Dumpling Restaurant

Teochew Fish Dumplings is a traditional snack in the Teochew region of Guangdong. Teochew Fish Dumplings are made from seafood, with a delicate and fresh texture. The dumplings are made with minced red and white meat. It is said that there is a famous street called Xima Road with a lane called "Eighteen Turns", which specializes in making fish dumplings known for their freshness. Eighteen Turns Fish Dumplings has become an old and well-known brand in the city, lasting for about a century.

Hu Rongquan is twisting the neck of a duck mother

Duck mother twist is one of the famous traditional snacks in the Chaoshan region of Guangdong. The name sounds strange, but it is actually oval-shaped glutinous rice dumplings. There are two explanations for the origin of the name. One is that these dumplings were originally the size of duck eggs, and duck eggs are called "duck mother eggs" in Chaozhou dialect, so they are called "duck mother twist". The other explanation is that when these dumplings are cooked, they float on the water surface, just like the white mother duck swimming on the water surface, so they are called "duck mother twist".

Soldier Ma's Lin Zong Ball

Don't miss out if you're a zongzi lover. It's a zongzi that combines both savory and sweet flavors. It tastes good, but not as amazing as expected, maybe because it's a bit cold. It's said to have six fillings inside: mung bean paste, pork, egg yolk, chestnut, mushroom, and lotus seed.

Sesame almond tea from Shengji

Black sesame paste is too sticky and sweet, while almond tea has a bitter taste. Surprisingly, they go well together.