You must go to these restaurants to try the famous "Pin Chao" style rice noodle rolls

Authentic Chaozhou-style rice noodle rolls, a taste that locals remember. If you want to try local flavors, you can try these few places.

Delicious traditional rice noodle roll

This is an old and famous restaurant that numerous foodies know about, with generous portions and a nice environment.

Xiao Wu Rice Noodle Rolls

Cheung Fun has very thin and chewy skin, filled with a variety of ingredients such as shrimp, oysters, and beef.

Jin Xin Cheung Fun

The most sought-after breakfast dining place in Shantou, a popular restaurant with excellent value for money.

Jun Kang rice noodle rolls

There is a place for local snacks in Shantou, fresh and reasonably priced. They have beef and pork, and the pork is also served with eggs.

Cheung Kee Cheung Fun

Old-fashioned street corner shop, not big, with traditional flavors of rice noodle rolls.

Jinhan rice noodle roll

The skin of it is not as thin as Xiaowu's, but the texture is smooth, and it contains a large amount of beef.

Cheung Fun with golden sand filling

Thin skin, meaty filling, soy sauce with delicious pickles as a finishing touch, just like the icing on the cake.