Chaoshan Homestay Appreciation

The Chaoshan region is the birthplace of Chaoshan culture. Surrounded by mountains on three sides and facing the sea on one side, it is an important part of the Maritime Silk Road. It is charming with beautiful lake and mountain scenery, as well as magnificent and prosperous with impressive rivers and flourishing spring scenery.

Whispering in the teahouse old house, secrets hidden in the depths of the ancient city alley: Nannyao Boutique Homestay

This is a Qing Dynasty building with a history of nearly 200 years. The gate still retains the plaque "daifu" symbolizing "scholarly family". It was formerly the private residence of Mr. Li Yulin, the chairman of Chao'an Chamber of Commerce in the early Republic of China, and still has poetry wall paintings on the walls. It has quietly preserved the carved wooden screens from the past and witnessed the historical changes of Chaoshan with its old wooden door. Today, this ancient residence has been transformed into a homestay and a tea house, named "Nanmiao Homestay" and "Nanmiao Tea House", standing side by side in a small alley next to the archway street.

Chaozhou Prefecture, a thousand years of history. The old site of the Prefecture School is Fengshui Inn: Fengshui Inn

In many rooms, some offer a spacious courtyard view of the old grounds of Fuxue, some offer a breathtaking night view of West Lake, and some have balconies or rooftop gardens where one can enjoy the scenery while drinking tea and daydreaming. Paifang Street is just a stone's throw away, but with just a turn, the bustling noisy streets are left behind. The Guangji Bridge light show is only a five-minute walk away every evening, and Chaozhou West Lake can be reached in fifteen minutes. Such a unique location combines tranquility with the buzz of the city, where even the slightest noise is afraid to disturb the peace. The best way to enjoy this city is to quietly listen to its stories, as if saying that the best way to interact with the ancient city is to "not disturb."

Between choosing, there are beautiful lakes and mountains to linger over: Design themed inn between choices

"Take Between" is located just opposite to the "Xihu Fishing Raft", one of the eight scenic spots in Chaozhou. The room offers a 360-degree panoramic view of Xihu. The interior of the room is mainly made of wood, with pure white bedding and fully automatic flushing toilet. It turns out that there is such a "cool and minimalist style" in the ancient city. The entire house is mostly in elegant colors and skillfully uses glass windows to create a larger and more transparent space. Traditional Chaozhou wood carvings, custom-made ceramic art pieces by master craftsmen, and paintings by famous artists are carefully placed seemingly casually but with great consideration throughout.

Several trees are half-day red and looks like dye, and local people call it Kapok Manor

There is a guesthouse by the Han River in Chaoshan. From the rooftop, you can enjoy the scenery of the Han River. In early spring, when it's still cold but getting warmer, cotton trees bloom by the river, and the four-tiered open-air garden is filled with vibrant red. The former residence of the mansion is a four-story Western-style building built by the French during the Republican era. Its design is full of exotic charm, with one side in imitation of Baroque architecture and the other in imitation of classical architecture. The building materials were carefully selected, and the bricks and cement used in construction were transported from France by water. Even after enduring a century of wind and rain, it still retains its elegance. Some say that coming here is like wandering through the streets of Paris, with a variety of styles and gracefulness. Others say that it feels like traveling back to the Republican era, with a lyrical and elegant atmosphere still present.

In the blink of an eye, youth has a face that never ages: Forever Young Courtyard

The boutique guesthouse of Zhou's Courtyard is located deep inside the old street alleys, far away from the hustle and bustle of the central district, presenting a simple and tranquil charm. The old house was built in the 1930s and is rumored to have been the residence of a former high-ranking official. Pushing open the heavy wooden door, you will be greeted with a sunny courtyard, a fragrant and bird-filled backyard, and a serene tea room. Just sit down on a chair for a moment and you'll feel like you are silently immersed in the weight of history, becoming tranquil and solemn. Whether it's drinking tea, chatting, or resting overnight, this courtyard can offer you the peaceful and comfortable slow-paced lifestyle you desire.