Eating out in Chaozhou, every restaurant is so delicious that I can't stop

Teochew cuisine, with a long history of food culture, is one of the three major culinary styles, along with Hakka cuisine and Cantonese cuisine.

Soldier's Horse and Officer's House Linzong Qiu (Situjia)

The Beimasi Lin Residence, built during the Qing Dynasty in 1688, is worth visiting. The couple selling Zongzi in front of the gate is highly recommended. The Zongzi is larger in size compared to those at Lao Ma Gong and is filled with ingredients such as salted egg yolk, gingko nuts, shiitake mushrooms, corn, dried shrimp, dried scallops, and green beans. It is steamed and served hot, with a savory and sweet flavor. If you dip it in sweet syrup, it becomes even more tasty and enjoyable. However, the shop is inconspicuous and easy to overlook, so remember to look out for the sign that says "Situ Family" on Paifang Street.

Wenxing Road Xianshui Rice Cake

The savory and fragrant Xian Shui Guo, also known as Shui Guo or Zhu Lao Guo, is a small dish made of rice batter, resembling a small plate, with hot preserved radish in the middle. It has a tender and white appearance, with a smooth texture. The rice batter is tasteless but chewy, while the sweet and savory flavor of the preserved radish adds to its uniqueness. It is a popular local snack in Chaoshan. When eating Xian Shui Guo, it is best to add chili sauce or sweet sauce to enhance its flavor and taste.

Eighteen Curves Fish Dumpling for Old Er & Eighteen Curves Fish Dumpling for Old Tail Fish Dumpling Shop

Small and delicate, resembling ingots, fish skin dumplings are dumplings made with fish meat as the skin. They are produced in the Chaoshan and Shunde areas. To eat fish skin dumplings, you must go to Xima Road in Chaoshan, which is full of snacks. There are two freshly made fish skin dumpling stalls that I particularly like: Shibaicuo La'er Fish Dumplings and Shibaicuo Lao Wei Fish Dumpling Shop. Recommended dishes: fish skin dumplings, fish noodles, fish rolls.

Zhenji beef tripe shop & Zhenji old tail beef tripe

Full of power, irresistible delicious. Chaozhou is filled with various snacks, and Chaozhou beef balls are also well-known. There are experts among the people, this statement is not false at all. Every morning at around 5 o'clock, Zhenji would start boiling soup base with fresh beef bones, tripe, beef, and offal. The combination of various beef offal in a bowl is truly irresistible. Recommended: beef offal.

Hu Rongquan

Duck Mother Twist, spring rolls, spring pancakes, fermented tofu pancake, layered crispy taro paste cake.
The selection of ingredients for glutinous rice stuffed pig intestines is exquisite, and the method is unique. It involves stuffing glutinous rice mixed with filling and salt into pig intestines, sealing both ends with needle and thread or other things, and boiling in water. When eating, it is served with white sesame seeds and drizzled with sweet soy sauce, resulting in a salty-sweet and sticky texture with a unique flavor.

Kuih Teochew Chye Th'ng

One guozhi and one braised flavor is the everyday style of Chaozhou breakfast. Chaozhou guo generally refers to food made from rice, such as rice noodles, rice cake, etc. Recommended: Guozhi with braised pig intestines, braised meat, braised bitter melon, braised tofu and other braised ingredients.

New Bridge Steamed Rice Rolls

Each style of cheong fun has its own flavor. The New Bridge cheong fun shop is relatively small, but you can see everything inside, including the boss making rice milk on-site. The fillings mainly consist of eggs, minced meat, diced mushrooms, and shredded cabbage. The cheong fun skin is slightly soft but within an acceptable range. The blended satay sesame sauce has a noticeable fragrance, making it a good plate of cheong fun.