Streets and alleys of Shantou, these delicacies not to be missed

Chaozhou is renowned for its wide variety of authentic Chaozhou cuisine, which can be found throughout the country. Let's step into the streets of Shantou, a seemingly ordinary city, and discover the culinary secrets it holds!

Square Classic Tofu Pudding Sweet Soup

Business is booming, often with long queues. The bowl of tofu pudding contains no water and is immediately sprinkled with sugar powder after being scooped out of the big pot. In addition, there is sago soup and turtle jelly. The sago soup is unremarkable, while the turtle jelly is sticky like tofu pudding, not bitter, and sprinkled with sugar, refreshing and healthy.

Mom's Glutinous Rice Dumplings

This store was established in 1920 and has been in operation for nearly a century. Almost every traveler to Shantou will not miss it. Upon entering the store, various certificates and awards hang on the walls, representing the generations of hard work and honor. The plaque in the store with the words "食定正知" meaning "knowing the essentials of food" signifies its essence.

Sugar and scallion pancakes street-side stall

As we walked, we unexpectedly came across the roadside stall "Sugar Scallion Pancake" that we couldn't find at People's Square following the navigation before. This is also a featured snack that has appeared on "A Bite of China". It is a crispy pancake rolled with sugar syrup into a long white strip with scallions, sesame, and cilantro. It is crunchy and sweet. You definitely shouldn't miss it if you are here to have fun.

Yaqiang Fruit Juice Icy

This juice shop is very popular locally. It has a unique opening time from 2:30 PM to 2:00 AM, and there is often a long queue. The seller uses fruits stored in the refrigerator at the back, which looks very fresh!

Love Sichuan Dry Noodles (Xiaogongyuan Main Store)

Love Xigan noodles is hidden in the small arcade of the park. Most people who come here always order the dry noodles and pork offal soup, the perfect combination. It's very popular, make sure to go early!

Fragrant Snack Shop

An old-fashioned snack shop, visited by many tourists. The shop is easy to find and has a distinctive entrance. Inside the shop, you can see various kinds of rice cakes displayed on both sides, including carrot, taro, and mashed taro flavors. In addition, there are also various fried snacks such as oyster pancakes and deep-fried glutinous rice balls for you to try.