What to eat in Shantou: No midnight snack without porridge

The life of the Chaoshan people is inseparable from tea and congee. Keep this late-night snack map well.

Guiguan white porridge

Fresh and tasty seafood, with a wide variety of dishes and great value for money.

Fu Yuan Cuisine

The main focus here is night congee, with a variety of ingredients displayed outside for you to choose from. In addition to congee, there are also braised pork, braised goose, fried pastries, and marinated seafood, etc. Although alternatives can be found elsewhere, the variety and uniqueness can only be found here.

The old lady Changping serves night porridge

This is highly recommended on various websites, and indeed lives up to its reputation. The ingredients are very fresh, and the portion is generous.

Changping Fei Jie

Shantou's long-standing congee restaurant, ranked 2nd on the popular seafood list in Jinping District! The method is very characteristic of Chaoshan, and the marinated shrimp is delicious.

Food court

A restaurant that appeared on TV and was founded in 2000 has very good business, so good that there is a waiting list.