Shantou's popular check-in spot

Nowadays, travel is always inseparable from "must-visit" Internet celebrity spots. In addition to popular food items, some scenic spots in Shantou have also become "photography holy sites" for young art enthusiasts. Even on holidays, they have to queue up to take a "check-in photo".

East coast

The east coast was once a desolate, primitive beach. Now it has straight and spacious highways, a narrow coastline, neatly lined majestic buildings, etc. It has become a beautiful scenic spot in Shantou. Whether you come here to enjoy the sea view, watch the sunset, take photos or just relax, you can have a pleasant and comfortable experience.
Shantou Children's Park is the only specialized park in Shantou that focuses on children's culture, sports, and science activities. The park is located on the north side of Zhongtai Interchange at the junction of Zhongshan East Road and Taishan Road in the downtown area. It covers a total area of 11.47 hectares and is divided into two parks by Taishan Road, namely the West Park (for intellectual activities) and the East Park (for science experiences), with a coordinating area for ecological leisure activities.

Jiashang Aesthetics Study Society

Shantou is a very popular photography base with different styles of backgrounds for shooting, and the afternoon tea is also good.

Wild Bakery

A great place to have afternoon tea in Shantou, easy to find, with a simple and minimalist style, and a large area with orange tones.

1860 Culture and Creativity Park

860 Creative Park is the first creative park in Shantou. It is located at No. 44 Xidi Road, Jinping District. It used to be a school, small but very exquisite. Upon entering the gate of 1860 Creative Park, you will pass through a teaching building and a giant mural on the exterior wall of the building will be presented. Various painting elements, such as animals, beautiful women, and Chaoshan-style houses, converge, making this area the most vibrant in the creative park.

all day

The things sold here are very aesthetically pleasing, they all look good no matter how casually you take photos of them. The prices are a bit high, but they are worth it.

Imwe Coffee (Juyuan Store)

A courtyard-style coffee shop hidden in an alley, where you can enjoy leisure time.