Hangzhou Lingyin Snow Appreciation Guide

Hangzhou Lingyin Temple Snow Appreciation Guide, capturing the beauty of different seasons.

Poet walking on the snow, monk chanting sutras - Lingyin

The Zen charm of Lingyin Temple is not only the artistic conception of the temple filled with Sanskrit chants, but also the beauty of Lingyin's classical Zen charm scattered throughout the surrounding mountains and roads. Lingyin Road, nestled among the mountains, is covered with thick snow on both sides of towering pine trees. This kind of artistic conception is difficult to describe in words, it is the kind of beauty that is surrounded by beauty and will surge in the heart.

In-depth and detailed exploration of the magnificent panorama - Beigaofeng

The Beigao Peak is located behind Lingyin Temple, with hundreds of stone steps and thirty-six bends. On top of it, there is the Huaguang Temple which worships the Five Saints. The city is situated amidst the rivers and lakes, with winding paths and houses in an orderly manner, surrounded by lush bamboo and wood. It exudes an atmosphere of grandeur. At the foot of the mountain is the tomb of Zen Master Wu Zhuo. The master's name is Wenxi and he lived during the reign of Emperor Suzong in the Tang Dynasty. His ashes were buried here. Han Dangzhou chose this place as the burial site and opened his stupa, where a clay niche was found. The master's appearance was lifelike, with hair hanging down to his shoulders, and his fingers and claws coiled around his body. There were hundreds of relics, which remained intact for three days and were eventually cremated.

The red walls mirror the candlelight, and green smoke lingers around the beams — Fajing Temple (Lower Tianzhu)

The Buddhist temple in the fairyland is filled with golden and green colors. The sound of flutes and drums can be heard throughout the year. Walking through the silent forest, one can settle down in the ancient temple that has stood for thousands of years, reading a scripture to cleanse the soul. Watching the snowflakes dance in the temple courtyard, one can forget about the worldly struggles. As a local who often pays respects to Buddha, the Law Mirror Temple has a more rustic atmosphere.

Wherever you go, the taste won't be wrong - Starbucks

If you're afraid of stepping on a minefield when drinking coffee and feel that Starbucks is the safest choice, then you don't need to worry at all when coming to Lingyin, because there are two Starbucks right across the street from each other, and only Starbucks can pull off such a move!

The charm of tea, the delicacy of coffee - with a touch

At the foot of Lingyin Mountain, there is a not-so-long classical pedestrian street. On both sides are shops selling handicrafts. Unlike other commercial areas, the wooden buildings here have an antique charm. Many of the crafts are made by artisans themselves. Every popular tourist spot in Hangzhou has a commercial street, but only this one doesn't make me feel excluded. Most of the shops here offer a truly visual arts experience, and among them is a not-so-large coffee shop that hides a world inside. The interior decorations reflect the elegant taste of the female owner. Further inside, there is a spacious tea room for tea tasting. Now there are also two unique guest rooms available. Visitors with matching tastes can stay here for a peaceful two days, enjoying tea and snowfall.

A time of tea in the warm south

If one could describe the fusion of beauty, it would be the epitome of classical Chinese aesthetics. The teahouse exudes understated elegance, devoid of ostentatious Chinese elements. The interior is quaint and minimalistic, with every detail reflecting exquisite craftsmanship. Soft and gentle lighting illuminates the entirely wooden structure, creating a tranquil atmosphere. Delicately arranged tea sets and tea artisans dressed in ancient attire make brewing tea and watching snowfall here perhaps one of the loveliest experiences in life!

Tranquil star-studded retreat in the mountains - Honey Hideaway Hotel (Hangzhou Chanyuan Yuan Store)

This is the only star-rated hotel in Bai Le Qiao. If you prefer a more standardized hotel experience compared to a guesthouse, Bai Le Qiao can fully meet your needs. Mijin's design is themed after the Zen style of the Jiangnan region, with a unique charm. The rooms on the first floor have floor-to-ceiling windows, and there are several beautifully designed ponds in the courtyard, creating a picturesque atmosphere. The floor-to-ceiling windows allow you to lie on the bed and enjoy the snow falling in the courtyard, making it the best choice for snow viewing!

Artistic Accommodation in Lingyin Temple - Malt Garden

Different from Mihao, Maiting Court has a European artistic style, with a café on the first floor. Many of the hanging decorations and napkins here are imported. The first floor is equipped with a bar that serves coffee and cocktails. Its well-designed style and the snowy world creates another beautiful scene, making Maiting Court popular among online shoppers. It is a pity if you come to Lingyin and Miss Maiting Court. However, if you're lucky, you might even encounter celebrities taking photos here!