Explore lesser-known bars in Hangzhou

When it comes to bars in Hangzhou, it is said that those young people who love drinking in Hangzhou always gather under a French plane tree in urban neighborhoods such as Fengqi Road and Qingtai Street as the night falls: with the roaring vehicles flowing on the road, shivering in the cold winter, after smoking the last Zhongnanhai cigarette in their hands, they gradually enter the world behind them. Hangzhou's Late Market, Quarter, and other bars illuminate their desire to get drunk.

Taste Room

"In the bar opened by artists, of course we talk about design." The first bar recommended by Casey is Taste Room. This bar is founded by two designers who graduated from London College of Art. It combines limited edition home furnishings, design, mini art gallery, and craft beer brewing.


This is one of the most famous cocktail bars in Hangzhou: Quarter. Located on the second floor of a building with an old-style wall gate in Yuanfu Lane, the bar is filled with historical objects: antique carved wooden cabinets, vintage sofas full of charm, and a wall painting that exudes a hint of mysterious beauty in dim lighting. Quarter bar has always been bustling. On this night, we met the owner of Loopy, the manager of the Paris door store, iko. Those in Hangzhou who love drinking gather here. It's almost 2 a.m. now, Hangzhou is really cold, everyone hasn't had enough to drink, and we're heading to the third bar.

Late Market

I heard that one of the bosses here, Jinn, is a wine-loving interior designer. It seems that designers in Hangzhou really do love wine. The bar has a Speakeasy style and a lively atmosphere.