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The characteristics of Yunnan cuisine are: sour, spicy, fresh and fragrant. Personally, I don't find it too spicy but rather more sour. The dishes are served with a well-prepared sauce, without oil, unlike Sichuan cuisine that uses red oil. Yunnan dishes usually have a variety of seasonings and ingredients, such as sour and spicy fish. Lemon and mint leaves are often used in the dishes. Additionally, Yunnan cuisine also features the use of flowers and herbs, which gives it a fresh and enjoyable texture.

Gujing private dishes

Lonely Planet

Renmei Bai flavor

There is a Bai ethnic flavor dish, which is directly raw pork. You must try it! With the dipping sauce, there is no fishy smell, and the texture of the meat is truly unforgettable. Recommended wild boar meat, silver fish fried eggs, stir-fried mushrooms, water yanghua, etc.

Duan Gongzi Restaurant

The dishes are exquisite, delicious, and the service is first-class. The recommended dishes are the Qianlong leaps over the water fish, wild mushrooms wrapped in banana leaves, bamboo tube beef, and glutinous rice ribs. The Banna bamboo tube rice is roasted with small bamboo, especially delicate. After opening the bamboo tube, a thin layer of oil film seeps out on the surface of the rice, which is especially fragrant and delicious. However, it is necessary to remind everyone that the price is a bit expensive.

Yinshi restaurant, Mufu, Dali

The restaurant that needs to queue for a seat, the food is delicious, and it feels like the restaurant with the highest cost performance in Dali. The pepper chicken is very tender and delicious, with the taste of Sichuan pepper. The eggplant casserole is average in taste and a bit oily.

Dai Flavor garden halal hand grab rice

This is the top-ranked Dai flavor rice on Mafengwo. In the middle is fried rice, surrounded by roasted chicken, grilled fish with lemongrass, spicy diced beef, pineapple rice, fried chicken wings, and various mushrooms. The portion is generous, delicious, and very good! Especially the grilled fish with lemongrass, it's very tasty.

I'm waiting for you in Dali

Wild mushroom soup pot, need to wait. Order a chicken hot pot set, you can add chicken soup for free, the side dishes are various local wild mushrooms, very delicious, also ham, vegetables, etc. Saffron, saffron that pregnant women cannot eat, the clerk will confirm before putting it. This mushroom soup is very delicious, and the price is quite high.