Hidden gem in the Haixi area on the edge of Erhai Lake

There is a relatively vast and flat area between Erhai Lake and Cangshan Mountain, where many familiar Dali attractions such as Dali Ancient City, Chongsheng Temple Three Pagodas, Xizhou Ancient Town, and Butterfly Spring are located. Along the coast, there are numerous Bai ethnic fishing villages, where the sea views blend with the countryside scenery. Heading north along the Huanhai West Road, one side is the enchanting Erhai Lake, and the other side is the unpolished rural scenery. Only in the western part of the sea can you feel the vibrant atmosphere and experience Erhai Lake as a living sea.

Longkan ancient ferry and Erhai ferry

The scenery is excellent, located by the side of Erhai Lake. From the circular arch, you can see the Luquan Pagoda on the opposite side of Erhai Lake, and small boats pass by from time to time. It's a great place to relax, take photos, and daydream. There is a saying among the locals of Dali and Longwan that living in Dali is called freedom, but living in Longwan is true freedom. After the filming of 'In the Mood for Love' here, Longwan became popular, but the ancient ferry of Longwan has been quietly watching the vicissitudes of a thousand years. Waiting for the wind to pass over Erhai Lake on the boat, but there is still no wind late at night. Tired, I fall asleep, and when I wake up, the boat is almost at the shore. This is the ancient ferry of Longwan.

Haiyan nunnery the Buddhist nunnery on the edge of Erhai Lake

The landscape is clear and the sea is calm. Here is one of the 72 temples of Jizu Mountain, and also a Buddhist holy place by Erhai Lake. The incense here is strong, with people coming and going, yet it is an inconspicuous place by the lake - most people only pass by here, but do not know the wonders inside. Devout Bai people come here to offer incense and pray for peace and blessings. In this blue sea and azure sky, in this picturesque beauty, make a wish, come to Dali, there is always a temple worth worshipping.

Jade case temple, the place where the Bai nationality naohai Festival is held

The Jade Incense Shrine is the main temple of Xiaoyi Village. Inside, it worships "Emperor Jing", "Grandma Zhang", "Jalan" and "Nanhai Grandma". The most special thing is that it also worships General Zhang Zhizhong, which shows the inclusiveness of the Bai ethnic's main culture. It is adjacent to Erhai Lake and is also a gathering place for wild ducks in Erhai Lake. Most importantly, it is the venue for the annual Bai Ethnic Sea Festival where religion, folklore, and beautiful scenery blend together.

The Chicken Town Water Pump Station | The Gateway to Erhai Lake

This is an inconspicuous water pumping station, which used to mainly pump water for irrigation. It has been abandoned for many years, and the sea water has been growing wild year by year, eroding the shore-based platforms of other water pumping stations on Erhai Lake. Only this one remains to record the story of the past. At first glance, this water pumping station doesn't have anything special, but if you go around it, you will see a 'gate' suspended above Erhai Lake. This gate captures the beautiful scenery of Erhai Lake, where the world inside the gate blends together the blue sky, white clouds, distant mountains, and Erhai Lake. Occasionally, when the wind blows, it's like a paradise. This place is quite difficult to find, located on the road from Caicun to Majiuyi, with no public transportation available. If you need to go there, you can take a taxi or ride a bicycle or electric scooter in the direction of Majiuyi. When you see the water channel in the field, follow the channel to get there.

Fengshui of Bai nationality

The Bai people like the big green tree because they consider it their feng shui tree. In every Bai village, there will be a long-standing big green tree, either at the village entrance or in front of the main temple. The Bai people firmly believe that by observing the growth of this tree, they can see the future of the village. As time flies, generations of people have walked under the tree, and the only thing that remains unchanged is the original intention of this tree to protect the villagers. The big green tree is located in the Bai Tayi Village in the direction of Majiuyi Village towards Dali Road, with no public transportation available. You can take a taxi or use a ride-hailing service to get to Bai Tayi.