90% of people have not tried these Dali specialty snacks

Cangshan Erhai, picturesque scenery, when it comes to Dali, people's first reaction is its beauty. But the beauty of Dali is not only in its scenery, but also in its food. Yes, you can also eat well in Dali. Here is a list of Dali's specialty cuisine. I can guarantee that 90% of people haven't tried all the dishes on this list!

Guxiangyuan Shangri La yak hotpot store

If you want to eat Shangri-La's specialty food in Dali, you must come to this restaurant in Dali Ancient Town. It is the only one in the ancient town. The environment is not as high-end as imagined, but the taste is absolutely first-class. Many restaurants use beef to pretend to be yak, but this restaurant uses real yak meat. At the same time, you can also taste authentic Tibetan pork, various beef and mutton, matsutake mushrooms, and the clear soup base made from hot pot is really delicious. You can drink several bowls of soup alone, and we ordered a lot of food, and basically finished everything.

Laowai pea powder

This is a place that local Bai people often visit. If you want to eat authentic Bai cuisine, this is a good choice. However, the downside is that it has the atmosphere of a street stall, with a few tables and chairs set up at the entrance. Their pea noodles are traditional and famous, especially the oil noodles, which have been popular for over 50 years. Recommended dishes include raw skin, pea noodles, pork blood soup, and frozen fish. The average cost per person is around 30 yuan, which is economical.

Chen's haishaoyu (No.5 branch)

This is also a local internet celebrity shop. It is said to be one of the top ten famous restaurants in Dali, but it is still a bit far from the ancient city and you have to take a taxi to get there. The most famous dish is the sea bream fish, which is actually crucian carp. The way it is prepared in Dali, there are more fish bones in the crucian carp, so some people generally eat less of it. The taste of this restaurant is okay. Recommended dishes include sea bream fish, iron plate mashed potatoes (super delicious), sliced donkey meat, and Yongping braised chicken, etc. The dining environment is good, and it is worth a try.