"Complete guide to 15 selected hot spring resorts."

One of the must-not-miss experiences in a trip to Japan is onsen (hot springs). We have carefully selected 15 top-notch traditional Japanese onsen ryokans, ranging from grand and majestic classic onsen resorts to secluded and tranquil hidden gems, from historically significant onsen establishments to avant-garde artistic masterpieces. Each one will redefine your understanding of Japanese aesthetics.

Hotel Oonoya

For 30 consecutive years, it has been the number one choice for Japanese hot spring inns, the preferred accommodation for the Japanese imperial family's vacation, and the most desirable hot spring residence for most Japanese people.
Michelin Hokkaido Hotel ranks 1st, enjoying the natural beauty and gourmet food of Hokkaido, and the fantastic snow hot springs.
The top-rated hotel in Kusatsu Onsen, known for its use by the Tokugawa shogunate and its traditional, historic charm.
The most popular hot spring hotel in Arima Onsen is situated close to Mt. Rokko and Mt. Maya. In addition to the hot springs, it also serves the most authentic Kobe beef.
The highest rated by overseas tourists, renowned as impeccable top-level enjoyment in nature, showcasing the highest level of Japanese aesthetics.

Bamboo pavilion

Located in the famous Japanese garden "Gobosan Yokoen", it offers a profound and mysterious spiritual experience; it has received the highest "Red Five Star" rating from Michelin.

A habitat of ghost

At the Xiu Shanzhi Hot Spring, which is favored by famous writers and celebrities, there are independent cabins with unparalleled privacy; the spacious courtyard is surrounded by lush green hills and sparkling waters, making it a picturesque sight.

Mount wuliang tower

The most popular among the "Three Famous Onsens" in Yufuin, it combines Japanese and Western styles to offer the most suitable living experience. In addition to the hot springs, it also serves unforgettable cuisine.

Fuji Onsenji Yumedono

One of the top hot spring hotels at the foot of Mount Fuji, giving people a dreamy feeling; each room comes with its own private outdoor hot spring.

Don't dim the moonlight

Located in the oldest Dogo Hot Springs in Japan, this standalone house in the midst of greenery comes with its own open-air hot spring. While the surroundings exude an ancient atmosphere, the meaning within is full of modern innovation.
Built by artisans from Kyoto over two years, located in the Unzen National Park, it serves only 14 groups of clients; each house has over 200 square meters of space, with impeccable quality.

Matsushima sakane

Located on Matsushima, one of the three most scenic spots in Japan, it's like being in an art museum with many masterpieces of art. The perfect combination of endless sea views and delicious seafood delicacies.

Garden のSu Shiting

Facing one of Japan's three scenic spots, Miyajima, it is refreshing; the grand scenery of the garden is named after the stone pavilion, with only 12 rooms, enjoying a peaceful private time.

Lamp no Yado

Lonely Planet's recommended "Best Hidden Ryokan in Japan" is located in a remote area at the end of the Noto Peninsula; it offers a thousand-year-old "healing hot spring" and magnificent views of the Sea of Japan.

Month enough trees

A hot spring hotel with "the most beautiful moonlight in Japan," located in the heart of the charming Kurokawa hot spring area in central Kyushu. It consists of only 8 buildings and is a hidden retreat nestled in the forest.