Top 5 popular attractions in Nanjing

Nanjing is a city that captivates tourists and makes them reluctant to leave. It is not only a city with a history of over two thousand years as an ancient capital of the Six Dynasties, but also a city surrounded by the beautiful scenery of the Purple Mountain and the Qinhuai River. Walking in Nanjing, you can enjoy the bustling night views of Jinling, encounter the freshness of French plane trees, and admire the beautiful scenery of Zhongshan Mountain.

Highlight: Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum, a landmark in Nanjing. Situated on the Purple Mountain, the Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum is the final resting place of Sun Yat-sen. Its popularity in Nanjing rivals that of the Forbidden City in Beijing. As you ascend the mountain, you will pass through the Bo'ai Archway, which bears the inscription "Tianxia Weigong" (The World Belongs to the People) written by Sun Yat-sen himself. There are also 392 stone steps, around 30 stories high, leading up to the memorial hall. The plane trees on both sides of the road outside the mausoleum were planted in 1929 during the grand ceremony of Sun Yat-sen's burial. They are tall and lush, providing a delightful scenery of Nanjing for visitors.

Nanjing Confucius Temple and Qinhuai Scenic Area

Highlights: Night view of the Qinhuai River, scenic beauty of Jinling. The Confucius Temple by the Qinhuai River is a popular place for tourists to pay tribute to Confucius and pray for blessings. Visitors can hang prayer cards outside the Dacheng Hall for academic progress. Just a short walk away, the Jiangnan Gongyuan is the largest imperial examination site in China, where you can glimpse what the examination hall looked like a hundred years ago.

Nanjing Presidential Palace

Highlights: Representative buildings from the Republic of China era, the Government Office of the Nationalist Government. Upon entering the Presidential Office Building, the typical Chinese-style architecture of the main hall contrasts sharply with the Western-style gate. Walking along the red-columned corridor, you will reach the government office building of the Nationalist Government. The second floor is the key area of the Presidential Office, where visitors can catch a glimpse of Chiang Kai-shek's office. In the western area, you can also enjoy the scenic Jiangnan-style garden in the Xuyuan Garden.

Jiming Temple

Highlights: The Chicken Crow Temple, the first of the "Four Hundred and Eighty Temples of the Southern Dynasty," is highly revered. With a history of over 1,700 years, the Chicken Crow Temple is the most prosperous Buddhist temple in Nanjing. As visitors ascend the steps from the mountain gate, they are greeted by the sight of the first temple among the "Four Hundred and Eighty Temples of the Southern Dynasty." Along the way, they pass the Mahavira Hall, Guanyin Hall, and Huomeng Tower. Upon reaching the highest point, they can offer incense together with kind-hearted men and virtuous women and also enjoy a vegetarian meal at the vegetarian restaurant by the back entrance, while overlooking the panoramic view of the Ming City Wall and Xuanwu Lake.
Highlights: Treasures Exhibition and Old Nanjing Street. In addition to visiting the exhibits on display, it's also an interesting experience to stroll through the Republican Era Hall located below the art museum. Here, the street signs and utensils on the street are mostly folk-collected cultural relics imitating the appearance of Nanjing in the Republican Era, while street scenes like the Traffic Bank at Xinjiekou can still be found in the city today.