These six attractions in Nanjing are not usually included in general travel guides

When it comes to Nanjing, you may think of the Confucius Temple, the Presidential Palace, Xuanwu Lake, and the Vanguard Bookstore. But these six unique, delightful attractions that are not usually mentioned in travel guides will definitely make your trip one-of-a-kind!

Nanjing Zhongshan Sports Park

The famous tree in Zhongshan Sports Park is located at the foot of Purple Mountain. The park is very large, so it is recommended to drive there. If you encounter good weather, you can capture the feeling of being in a grassland. The popular tree stands lonely on the top of the hill in the park. If you happen to be there at sunset, use your camera to capture the most perfect moment of light.
Pukou Railway Station in Nanjing, China is a train station that preserves the most complete features of the Republic of China era. Walking through it, you can almost see bank employees carrying retro leather briefcases and wearing suits and leather shoes, newspaper boys shouting on the streets, and beautiful women walking elegantly on the bluestone road. The intersection of time and space is truly marvelous.

Shi Xiu Film and Television Base

Jinling Thirteen Hairpins Film Studio in Shijiao is a relatively niche attraction in Nanjing. The famous movie "Jinling Thirteen Hairpins" was filmed here. Currently, the church and the Republican street can be visited for photography.

Meiling Palace: An official residence of the Republic of China

Presidential Palace Meiling Palace is a Republican-era scenic spot that I really like. It was a leisure resort for Chiang Kai-shek and Soong Mei-ling. Though it has a long history, it is a fully equipped villa.

Yihe Road Republican Mansion Area

A famous saying goes, "A stretch of Yihetuan Road tells half the story of the Republic of China." This area in Nanjing is the most representative district of the Republic of China era. The buildings left from that period line the road, hidden among the French plane trees. The sunlight shines through the tree leaves, casting a warm yellow glow on the walls, showcasing the charm of the Republic of China era.
The park is very large and it takes a while to walk through it. There is a row of interconnected green plants that are particularly suitable for taking photos. It feels lovely to be surrounded by lush vegetation. Lying on the large lawn, bathing in the sun, feels very happy.