Which hot spring is the best in Tangshan, Nanjing?

What is the most famous place in Nanjing? Besides those classic tourist spots, it must be Tangshan Hot Springs! Hurry up and pick a day, choose a place to experience it, and rejuvenate yourself in the midst of a tiring journey or busy work!

Yishang Hot Spring Hotel

Famous, many hot springs, beautiful scenery. Yishang Hot Springs is the largest open-air hot spring base in East China, and is also the most distinctive, largest-scale, and best service hot spring in Tangshan. There are five hot springs in Tangshan, and Yishang occupies two of them. The springs here gather and the scenery is beautiful, making it an excellent destination for hot spring therapy. It is worth mentioning that there are 50 outdoor hot spring pools and 30 high-end and elegant private characteristic bathhouses here, including areas such as the Flower Love Zone, Health Bath Zone, Turkish Bath Zone, Waterfall Pool, Finnish Bath Zone, and Roman Marble Bath. These hundreds of hot spring soaking methods form a unique leisure and health-care approach with "Yishang characteristics," which is worth experiencing no matter what.

1st Open-air Hot Spring Resort

Old, famous, and magnificent. Number One Hot Spring, located in the military sanatorium of Nanjing Military Region, is hidden among the green mountains and clear waters. It is a well-known hot spring in Tangshan, and has received national leaders such as Zhu De, Dong Biwu, and Ye Jianying. The hot spring is designed in a very grand style, with over 50 different styles of open-air pools, including flower spring, fruit spring, and traditional Chinese medicine pool. Among them, the fish therapy pool in the dynamic area is the most popular, in addition, there is a children's paradise, which is a good place for family travel for both young and old.

Yu Hao Hot Spring Hotel

Republic of China architecture, open-air hot springs. Want to soak in an open-air hot spring on a rooftop garden? Come to Yuhao Tanshan Hot Springs! With Republic of China-style architecture on the roof and a miniature Jiangnan garden spanning thousands of square meters, there are 11 hot pools and over 30 resting rooms. The bubbling spring water, steaming heat, panoramic mountain views, and close-up garden scenery will make you feel like you're in a heavenly paradise. At the same time, you can also experience multiple surprises in skincare, wellness, and health.
Good privacy, popular science education, and forest hot springs. Among the various hot springs in Tangshan, only Ziqing Lake is filled with a unique natural atmosphere, allowing you to enjoy a harmonious experience between humans and nature. Located in the eastern suburb scenic area of Nanjing, Ziqing Lake hot spring is known for its "forest hot springs". The natural hot spring pools here are all outdoors, surrounded by flowing water, small bridges, waterfalls, and fresh flowers. It offers excellent privacy and allows you to have an intimate contact with nature while enjoying the hot springs.

Nanjing Tangshan Shengquan Hot Spring City

Volcanic bath, time-honored brand, high cost-performance ratio. The Sanquan Hot Springs in Tangshan, known as the "holy spring of hot spring pools, fit for emperors", is famous for its volcanic mud bath, which contains over 60 minerals and trace elements essential for the human body. It not only promotes physical health but also enhances beauty. In addition, the open-air hot springs here use natural hot spring water and offer various options, including flower pool bath for relaxation, medicinal bath for well-being, and fish therapy bath for leisure. With its unique features and diverse hot spring offerings, it provides great value for money.

Bali Vanchi Hot Springs

Bali-style atmosphere and comprehensive medicinal bath health. Bali Vanchi is located in the midst of the beautiful scenery of Banpao Lake, at the highest spring in Tangshan. It has a typical Balinese style and combines six landscapes of "spring, stele, cave, lake, temple, and forest" into one. The hot springs are diverse in types and fully functional, with the most characteristic being the Bali Vanchi, which corresponds to the five internal organs with traditional Chinese medicine. In addition, the "Beauty Soup Pool" combines four major effects: whitening, firming, beauty-enhancing, and calming, specifically designed for women. After spa therapy with fish, hot spring massage, and cold spring skin tightening, the whole body and mind can relax and experience the "unity of heaven and man, body and mind, self and me," along with the beautiful scenery of mountains and water. It is truly a new and unique experience.