A comprehensive guide to delicious and affordable must-try food in Japan

When arriving in a Japanese city, the first thing to be concerned about is not the local attractions or various shopping centers, but to try the most representative and popular local delicacies! (Including Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto)

Novel fully automated ordering system, surprises await when you finish your noodles and soup. Only 1000 Yen per person, open 24 hours. Recommended delicious combination is regular thickness soft noodles, 1/2 spicy, with scallions, wood ear mushroom and egg (don't forget to add the finishing touch of wood ear mushroom and soft-boiled egg).

Eel rice with tail flower

The fragrance of the eel at the end of the flower is full, and the skin is completely integrated with the fish meat, without any bones. It is truly a must-visit restaurant in the ranking of Tokyo's eel rice. The eel at the end of the flower is always freshly made, so the waiting time may be longer.

Sushi master set menu

Manager's choice set meal (Omakase), which includes tamagoyaki, miso soup, ten pieces of sushi, tuna sushi roll, and the option to add any one of your favorite sushi. The delicious taste will make you exclaim in amazement!

Bean in stone

Located in the charming city of Ginza, the kaiseki cuisine is an unparalleled choice; there are no pitfalls in set menus or à la carte selections.

Than within や parent-child rice

A famous restaurant named after the famous Taiwanese chicken dish, offering izakaya-style dining at night and three limited menus for lunch. Their signature dish is the parent-child rice prepared with all-natural salt, massaged chicken meat, and grilled over high-quality charcoal. The juicy meat and smooth egg sauce create a perfect match, showcasing high-quality ingredients and a carefully crafted cooking process.

Kimukatsu rice with pork ribs

Kimukatsu is a trendy pork cutlet restaurant that has gained popularity among young people and women. It uses the lean part of the Japanese famous brand pork, sliced ultra-thinly into 25 layers and layered together, creating a tender, juicy and refreshing taste. Once you taste this super soft pork cutlet, you won't be able to eat any other pork cutlets!

つ る と ん た ん udon noodles

Large bowls of udon noodles, open kitchen with exquisite decor, reasonable prices and amazing flavors. The menu changes according to the season, for example, chilled udon noodles are available in the summer.

Everywhere SUKIYA

Free stir-fried red ginger strips are available in the store. If you like spicy food, don't miss the hot sauce here because the "spicy" in other parts of Japan is too weak. Nearby attractions include classic foods that can be found around Akihabara, Senso-ji Temple, Shinjuku, Nihonbashi, Shibuya and Ueno Park.

Tsurubashi | Osaka burn

Tips: 1. There are many shops in Osaka, including three in Umeda and one in Dotombori. 2. The sauce is very sweet and can be greasy, so it is recommended to use a little less sauce when eating for the first time. 3. It is said that the Umeda shop offers a 10% discount with a passport. Nearby attractions: Umeda Hankyu Department Store. Address: 2-16-22 Sonezakishinchi, Kita-ku, Osaka, Osaka Prefecture. Average consumption per person: 1000 yen.

Dodo dotonbori

The light of cost performance! The lunch set is more cost-effective, and it is a must-have for people with choice difficulties; Just order one set for each person to taste the most original crab meat dish.

Wasabi string of na

Turn fried skewers into an artistic Michelin one-star restaurant where all cooking processes are completed in front of customers. There is a small pickled vegetable dish wrapped in vegetable leaves, which is very good. You can ask for more after finishing it. After ordering stops, there will be desserts, and the ice cream is also very good.

Couple good zai red bean rice cake soup

"Small and exquisite desserts are very popular among everyone. There are also attractions nearby, located next to Namba Shinsaibashi Hoshien Temple, where you can also hang a lucky horse ornament."

Kitamura home restaurant

If you've tried KITAMURA, you'll know that it truly lives up to its more than 100-year-old reputation as a great old restaurant. The staff, including the receptionists, servers, and cashiers, are all older folks, but they deliver service with an impeccable attitude and attention to detail. The combination of sugar, mirin, and soy sauce brings an amazing chemistry effect with the beef, which is truly remarkable, making the Kansai-style sukiyaki the best!

焼 bird お ば ん ざ い ゆ う じ 1972

For only 2500 yen, you can enjoy a delicious Japanese charcoal-grilled meal here and treat yourself well. Highly recommended!
They say that during the season of red leaves and cherry blossoms, there is a noodle shop where you have to queue for about two hours; burdock is the specialty of this shop, and the burdock tempura is simply amazing. Their udon noodles are so delicious that they can make you cry.

Life of し の む さ し three shop

Kyoto's most popular long-established conveyor belt sushi restaurant, also recommended by local residents as an affordable and delicious sushi restaurant. Business is so good that people start queuing at 5:30pm.

Sanzhong buckwheat noodles

At the entrance of Lushan Bamboo Forest Trail, there is a standing eatery with a mysterious popularity because of its limited seating capacity of only 12 seats. This eatery's specialty is buckwheat noodles, and the prices are very affordable. In other buckwheat noodle restaurants in the Lushan scenic area, the average cost per person is usually over 1000 yen, but Sancho can serve buckwheat noodles for only 450 yen, which is truly rare.

Don't go to sutian villa Beijing restaurant

The shop has a parking lot and is suitable for both driving and cycling. Lunch boxes can also be reserved and enjoyed in the tatami room. The shop is located near the Suda Shrine.
"As a small yet impressive Michelin one-star restaurant, the unagi (eel) rice bowl here costs only a little over 2000 yen and is very cost-effective. After ordering, the staff kindly reminds customers that taking photos is allowed, but flash photography is not permitted."
The final soup of this hotpot is incredibly delicious, containing all the essence of the pufferfish. The biggest highlight of the entire pufferfish dish can be said to be this mixed rice. Highly recommend trying the salt-grilled liver, which costs 2000 yen each including tax, but is very tasty, just like the liver in the movie "The Last Samurai" that was worth fighting for.

Gold half help Fried shrimp cover rice

Recommended crispy anchovy and shrimp dipped in secret sauce, enjoying the crispy crust and fresh and sweet seafood that melts in the mouth after being freshly fried; break the half-cooked Tamago and let the egg liquid wrap around each plump and chewy grain of rice.