There are 6 authentic fried sauce noodle restaurants in Beijing

The method of making Zhajiang noodles is simple. There are Zhajiang noodle restaurants all over the capital city, but which one has the most authentic method? Here are six delicious and inexpensive noodle restaurants recommended for you.

Haiwanju Old Beijing Fried Sauce Noodle King Headquarters

Haiwanju Old Beijing Fried Sauce Noodles is a dining enterprise with the old Beijing characteristics, featuring the style of a traditional Beijing residence with grey bricks, blue tiles, carved lattice windows, simple and elegant, spacious and bright hall, and various private rooms themed after "Gaoliang Bridge", "Changdian", "White Pagoda Temple", etc., which showcase the folk customs and culture of authentic Beijing cuisine.

No. 83 Yard of Tile Factory Hutong

The Hu Tong restaurant that Nicholas Tse once visited has exceptional value for money.

Seasons of prosperity and happiness

Good online reviews, not only roasted duck, but also combining taste and discounts.

South of the city

Egg skin is included in Caima, which is said to be a rare dish from the late Qing dynasty.

Seven seek eight find, picking a pot

Second place winner of the food selection contest, noodles cooked without boiling water!

Beijing-style Zhajiang noodles

In the past 20 years, there has been no shortage of traditional old shops with a wide variety of dishes.